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Duration 1 hour
Date/Time January 18 2017 17:30 GMT
9:30 PST/12:30 EST
6:30pm CET
Convener KenBaclawski


Ontology Summit 2017 Preliminary Organizing Committee Meeting     (2)

Topic: Initial Organization for OntologySummit2017     (2C)

Conference Call Details     (3)

Attendees     (4)

Agenda     (5)

1. Formation of the Ontology Summit Organizing Committee     (5A)

2. Selection of champions for the summit and tracks     (5B)

4. Next meeting     (5D)

Attendees     (6)

Proceedings     (7)

[12:35] ToddSchneider: Content Tracks     (7A)

  • Using machine learning for developing and improving ontologies     (7B)
  • Using background knowledge to improve machine learning results     (7C)
  • Using ontologies for logical reasoning     (7D)

[12:41] gary berg-cross: Who is on the organizing committee?     (7F)

[12:41] ToddSchneider: The Symposium will be held at the NIST facility in Gaithersburg, Maryland, on 15-16 May 2017.     (7G)

[12:42] ToddSchneider: Organizing Committee includes Matthew West, Mike Bennett     (7H)

[12:42] Donna Fritzsche: reasoning - John Sowa is a possible speaker - here is one example of his thoughts on the topic     (7I)

[12:43] Ram D. Sriram: I am on another call and will be joining in after 1pm     (7J)

[12:44] ToddSchneider: Thanks Ram.     (7K)

[12:52] Donna Fritzsche: another reasoning possibility -     (7L)

[12:54] ToddSchneider: No Hack-a-Thon for 2017     (7M)

[12:58] Donna Fritzsche: An Ontology for Qualitative Description of Images Zoe Falomir1, Ernesto Jim enez-Ruiz2, Lledo Museros1, and M. Teresa Escrig1     (7O)

[13:01] Ram D. Sriram: 100 Bureau Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20899     (7P)

[13:02] KenBaclawski: Suggestions for additional tracks:     (7Q)

  • Track D: Workshops - Co-Champions: TBD     (7R)
  • Track E: Communique and Publications - Lead-Editors: Ken Baclawski and TBD; Co-champions: Todd Schneider and TBD     (7S)
  • Track F: Community Resources (Library, Data Collection, Ontology Repository, etc.) - Co-champions: TBD AmandaVizedom?     (7T)

Support Teams     (7U)

  • Team R: Outreach (includes Social Media, Sponsor Relations & Website Development) - Co-champions: TBD     (7V)
  • Team M: Program management (includes operations, logistics, production) - Co-champions: TBD     (7W)

[13:10] gary berg-cross: Placeholder for "add on" workshop activities at the Symposium.     (7X)

[13:11] gary berg-cross: "Add on" workshop activities might be discussed at the first Synthesis session.     (7Y)

[13:11] KenBaclawski: The workshop themes for Track D will be determined at the first synthesis session.     (7Z)

[13:14] ToddSchneider: Community Library (from 2014 Summit)     (7AA)

[13:15] gary berg-cross: Amanda managed Zotero for the library -     (7AB)

1. Go to and register for a zotero account.     (7AC)

2. Join the OntologySummit2014 Group: Login to zotero & go to Find the red "join group" button and click it. That will send an approval request to the library admins. If your zotero username is not obviously mapable to your real name, please also send me a message, either inside zotero, by clicking on the group owner user name and choosing "send message", or by regular email, so I can confirm that the request is from summit participant. You will be approved shortly!     (7AD)

[13:17] gary berg-cross: BTW, I've email Amanda & Simon Spero about involvement in the Summit, but Simon's email sees [at] bounced...     (7AE)

[13:19] ToddSchneider: Notices for this year's summit should emphasize AI.     (7AF)

[13:21] ToddSchneider: Summit 2017 Schedule:     (7AG)

[13:31] Donna Fritzsche: i need to run - thanks everyone!     (7AU)

[13:34] gary berg-cross: amit.sheth [at]     (7AV)

[13:40] KenBaclawski: Action items:     (7AX)

[13:40] ToddSchneider: welty [at]     (7AAC)

[13:43] Ram D. Sriram: Guruduth Banavar, VP Cognitive Computing, IBM ;Rohit Prasad, VP Alexa, Amazon and Andrew McCallum ( are potential candidates     (7AAD)

[13:43] KenBaclawski: Ken will contact Chris Welty     (7AAE)