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Community Profile for Ontology and Taxonomy Coordinating Working Group (ONTACWG)     (1)

By Patrick Cassidy/ Date: 9 November 2005     (1A)

Last Updated: 9 November 2005     (1B)

  • Community (name): Ontology and Taxonomy Coordinating Working Group (ONTACWG)     (1C)
  • Date Established: October 5, 2005     (1E)
  • Key Stakeholders: Builders and users of Knowledge Classification Systems     (1F)
  • Constituency: Same     (1G)
  • Domain: General -- Knowledge Classification Systems (KCSs) (ontologies, taxonomies, thesauri, graphical knowledge representations) for any topic or community.     (1H)
  • Mission / Charter: Semantic Interoperability and Coordination of KCS construction; see Mission statement.     (1I)
  • With respect to Ontology work (esp. eGov-related work), the community's:     (1J)
    • Medium Term Goal: begin alignment of domain KCSs with COSMO     (1J1)
    • Short Term Goal: Build limited-scope Common Semantic Model (COSMO)     (1J2)
    • Deliverables within the next 6 months: TBD     (1J3)
  • Key Differentiation (with the other communities presenting today): Actual collaborative construction of a common semantic model is part of the community activity; maintaining pointers resources to ongoing KCS work and providing recommendations to builders of registry systems are associated activities.     (1K)
  • What we can bring to the table to foster collaboration with other communities here today: A forum and method to maintain and relate the high-level concepts in each community KCS to permit accurate translation of knowledge from one community's representation to that of annother.     (1L)
  • Status: Recently organized, methods and goals are still under discussion and input from all interested parties is requested.     (1M)
  • Contact: Patrick Cassidy: pcassidy at     (1N)

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