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Ceilyn Boyd    (1)

Ceilyn Boyd is the Manager of the Harvard Library Research Data Management Program. This new program connects members of the Harvard community to services and resources spanning the research data lifecycle and helps to ensure that Harvard's multi-disciplinary research data is findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable (FAIR). Boyd's technical background includes the roles of analyst, research software engineer, and project manager at a variety of research and commercial organizations including SRI International, Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Mitsubishi Electric, and BBN Corporation. Their areas of focus involved artificial intelligence; scientific data analysis and visualization; and computer graphics. Currently, Boyd is also a doctoral student in information science at Simmons University. Their research areas include the philosophy of data and critical data studies, with emphasis on developing research infrastructure, including ontologies, to support the analysis and comparison of data assemblages--sociotechnical infrastructures concerned with data.     (1A)