Ontolog Forum


by Boris Shvedin

The ontological model of enterprise BEOM (Business Entity Ontological Model) is the holistic dynamically evolving model of an alive particular individual enterprise, allowing to organize, structure, accumulate and transfer experience of its life activity in particular situations and to provide self-management, survival and adaptive behavior in the environment during all life cycle. BEOM is oppositional to fragmentary model of conglomerate of detached business processes by which we usually are trying to describe enterprise behavior. BEOM is based on anthropomorphical and experientological approaches. The solid basement of the BEOM is the personal experience of singular business entity.

As the synonymic notions, word combinations and abbreviations further there will be used: BEOM, ontological model of enterprise. Architecture of BEOM is consist from two compound parts organically connected with each other. Firstly, it is finite set of its principal elements. Actually BEOM is built out of these elements. It is some kind of "genom" of ontological model. Each particular enterprise can has different content for these elements, moreover every singular enterprise can has a unique combination of these elements, but their finite set and typological structure will be the same. Main structure-forming elements of BEOM are: subjects (doers) of business activity, objects of business activity, tasks of business activity and relations of business activity. Secondly, it is an ontological coordinates of BEOM where ontological model exists and develops. In other words it is possible to name them auxiliary, or meta-structural elements, they are: space, time, ontological classifier PECAD, and also technologies of substantial and infrastructural naming.