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Audrey Lorberfeld    (1)

I am the Data Scientist on w3 Search team at IBM, located in New York City. w3 Search is the internal search engine for all IBMers. As such, it has a heavy machine-learning backbone. I also have a Masters in Library & Information Science. My current role is to not only move our machine learning processes forward, but also to setup the taxonomy, ontology, and schemas we hope to incorporate in the future.     (1A)

On a personal note, I'm the proud mom of a cat named Nestra and a dog named Lula. We live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I'm also a Chinese tea enthusiast and a collector of house plants.     (1B)

In addition to having a background in Data Science and Library & Information Science, my undergraduate degree is in Classics (n.b. Ancient Greek and Latin). I love solving puzzles of all sorts, be they logic puzzles, linguistic puzzles, or data puzzles. Give me a notorious problem to solve, and I will solve it! I'm really excited to join the Ontolog Forum and hope to make professional connections and gain insight from everyone in the community.     (1C)