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Alex Glaros    (1)

I first become interested in relational database theory in the 1980s when reading James Martin's Computer Database Organization. The book completely transformed me. I remember enthusiastically reading it twice in a row as though it was a novel. My ideas for improving government interoperability and development methods formally began when listening to FBI Director Robert Mueller's testimony before Congress that the lack of connectivity between government data systems was partly responsible for the failure to identify 9/11 related security threats. I recognized a similar lack of interoperability within all government, and define the root problem as an absence of data model guided, enterprise-wide, business process design. To help solve this problem, I've originated several solutions including Engagement Squared, Enterprise Focused Development, the Opportunities Checklist for New Software Projects, and the Center for Government Interoperability designed to bring business people into enterprise integration planning as full partners with IT professionals. From the ontology group, I am submitting a data concept for analysis. I'd like to understand if I've discovered or invented anything.     (1A)