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Adrien Barton    (1)

After obtaining master-level degrees in mathematics and physics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, and a PhD in philosophy of science at University Paris 1, Adrien Barton is a CNRS researcher at IRIT, a research institute in computer science in Toulouse (France), in the MELODI team.     (1A)

His PhD thesis analyzed the ontology of quantum mechanics from a philosophical perspective. He has been working after in applied ontology, mainly on causality and probability (through the ontology of dispositions), as well as on biomedical ontology. He contributed to the development of PDRO, an ontology of drug prescriptions (, and CVDO, an ontology of cardiovascular diseases ( He currently collaborates with computer scientists, medical doctors and philosophers from Sherbrooke university (Canada) to use applied ontologies in devising a “learning health system”: a data sharing and artificial intelligence system coupling clinical and research activities in order to develop personalized medicine and decision aids – for both health professionals and patients.     (1B)