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(Education & Training)
(Immediately Open to Opportunities)
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* '''Any funded opportunity for my [ space ontology project]'''  
* '''Any funded opportunity for my [ space ontology project]'''  
** as a BS, MS, or PhD project
** Desired for my PhD thesis
** with professors & companies to apply to grants for it or related project
** Open to [ sponsors, patrons, and donations]
** with Contributors, Partners, and Funding
** Needing mentors and supporters
* '''Employment opportunities''' (open to part-time, full-time, distance work, intern, contract, etc.)
* Seeking ''Employment opportunities (internationally)'''
* '''Educational opportunities'''  
* Seeking '''Educational opportunities'''  
** ''For a Space degree'': a BS or MS program; but at least opportunity to take astronautical courses of interest
** ''In a spaceflight topic''
** ''Philosophy'': looking for a PhD fellowship
** ''In Philosophy''
** ''For Systems Engineering'': looking for BS or MS program
** ''In Interdisciplinary program''
** ''Ontology or Interdisciplinary'': looking for PhD for my [ space ontology project] or a related space ontology project, while taking electives in astronautics, aerospace and systems engineering.
= Education & Training =
= Education & Training =

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[ ]

Ontologist, Philosopher, Aspiring student, Actively Seeking study or work opportunities     (1)

Contact: rrovetto[at]terpalum[dot]umd[dot]edu     (3)


Immediately Open to Opportunities     (4)

(Internationally)     (4A)

Education & Training     (5)

  • M.A. Ontology, State University of New York, Philosophy Dept. (2011)     (5A)
  • B.A. Philosophy, Univ. of Maryland. Minor, Business & Management w/Information Technology focus     (5B)
  • Coursework, Space Studies, AMU/APUS (2009,'11,'12)     (5C)
  • Other expertise and credetialing: Maritime operations, water rescue     (5D)

Main Interests     (6)

  • Astronautics, Space Situational Awareness, Orbital Debris, Orbit design, astro-visualizations/simulations     (6A)
  • Philosophy     (6B)
  • Ontology (formal, philosophical, computational ontology)     (6C)
  • Maritime search and rescue     (6D)

Relevant Experience     (7)

Memberships/Affiliations     (8)

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