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* AliHashemi  
* AliHashemi  
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* [[JohnMcClure]] (Hypergrove)  
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* [[MikeDean|Mike Dean]]
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* [[PeterYim|Peter P. Yim]]  
* TejasParikh (on chat only)  
* TejasParikh (on chat only)  

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This is one of the "OntologySummit2013_Hackathon_Clinics" Projects ...     (1)


Hackathon Project (HC-04): OntologySummit2013 Content Hack: leveraging semantics on OntologPSMW     (2)

Project Co-champions: KenBaclawski, MarcelaVegetti, AliHashemi, SoledadSonzini, MichaelDenny, TejasParikh, Peter P. Yim     (2A)

Event Date / Time: (Day-2) Sat 2013.04.06 ... see: [ details]     (2B)

Archived work output can be found here     (2E)

Participant Volunteers:     (2F)

Add your name below, along with any time constraints or other participation-related comments. Thank you!     (2G)

Abstract     (2Q)

As part of the Summit activities, the website team is developing the OntologySummit2013-website on the new OntologPSMW (purple-semantic-mediawiki for Ontolog community content.) The wiki engine will support fine-grained content addressability and some basic semantic constructs, including a subset of the ICOM ontology. This platform will facilitate access to, and reuse of the content that is produced throughout 2013 Ontology Summit, as well as those migrated over from previous OntologySummit's. This is a call for hackathon participation where contributors are challenged to produce new codes and constructs that can be deployed on the OntologPSMW to enhance the access to the OntologySummit body of knowledge in general, and OntologySummit2013 content and its survey results in particular.     (2Q1)

Collaborators     (2R)

Co-champions of this hackathon project team are mainly members of the website team, the survey team, and the psmw-dev team:     (2R1)

(We are calling for) Hackathon contributors with the desire and passion to challenge what is possible (see details below.)     (2R9)

Description / Objectives / Goals     (2S)

Three recent activities culminate in this hackathon project and call for contribution:     (2S1)

1. the migration of Ontolog Community wiki content (in particular, the entire body of knowledge from previous OntologySummit seasons) from the OntologWiki (purple wiki) to the new OntologPSMW (purple semantic mediawiki) platform[1]. ... It should be noted that the Ontolog collaborative work environment[0] (of which its wiki is an integral part) has always served (since the establishment of the Ontolog community 11 years ago) as the community's dynamic knowledge repository.     (2S2)

2. the development and (upcoming, as of this writing) deployment of the OntologySummit2013 Survey[2] on "Software and tools supporting Ontology Quality and Fitness"     (2S3)

3. the formation of the OntologySummit2013 website team[3] to deploy an OntologySummit2013 website on the OntologPSMW that will support:     (2S4)

  • Organization of the Ontology 2013 Summit content in a way that encourages and facilitates access to and (re)use of the material     (2S5)
  • Use of some subset of the ICOM[4] vocabulary to annotate the content that is produced on the Ontology Summit 2013 Website     (2S6)
  • Use of these annotations to provide / enable new functionality / views in terms of accessing / querying resources, events, people that are hosted on the website     (2S7)
  • Development and deployment of constructs (e.g. forms and templates) to capture some of the material being uploaded according to said vocabulary, or to present content of the site.     (2S8)

This hackathon project challenges contributing participants to leverage the OntologPSMW-based OntologySummit2013 website platform to:     (2S9)

  • develop codes, constructs, queries, user-interfaces, etc. that will present the OntologySummit content in very interesting ways, ... [dependency: the basic website elements are in place and functional by time of hackathon]     (2S10)
  • develop new codes and constructs that will help analyse and produce new insights from the survey data (i.e. help slice-and-dice our survey data), ... [dependency: enough survey data collected by time of hackathon]     (2S11)
  • develop new codes and constructs that will, in general, further the mission of the three abovementioned projects.     (2S12)

Deliverable(s)     (2T)

New codes and constructs that can be deployed on the OntologPSMW[5] to enhance the access to the OntologySummit body-of-knowledge in general, and OntologySummit2013 content and its survey results in particular.     (2T1)

Call for Collaborators     (2U)

We are looking for participants and contributors with the desire and passion to challenge what is possible, to join us over the hackathon weekend to hack up interesting work products that will satisfy the above deliverable goals. Desirable skills include: knowledge and experience in mashup, UI, CSS, PHP, especially on the SemanticMediaWiki applications (SMW, Semantic Forms, Semantic Bundle) or MediaWiki platform, SPARQL, RDF/OWL, LOD, LOV, ... etc.     (2U1)

Resource / References     (2V)

This page has been migrated from the OntologWiki - Click here for original page     (2V9)