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OntologySummit2013: Getting Organized     (1)

This is a scratch workspace for the organization, coordination and planning of OntologySummit2013.     (1A)

Theme: Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle     (1B)

8th in the series of a 3-month open annual event by and for the Ontology Community. This Summit is co-organized by Ontolog, NIST, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA & NCO_NITRD     (1B1)

ref. OntologySummit     (1B2)

OntologySummit2013 Organizing Committee Meetings:     (1B4)

OntologySummit2013 First Organizing Committee conference call - Fri 2012.12.14     (1C)

Conference call details:     (1C1)

Agenda & Proceedings:     (1C8)

<pre>[ [ Audio archives of the meeting] ] . ( ; mp3 ;  )

[ [ chat transcript] ] 
  • Opening, roll call, adopt agenda, quick self-intros.     (1C8B)
    • also: basics, logistics and some ground rules of engagement     (1C8B1)
  • Identify Deliverables for each of the track chairs (as well as overall summit) ... discussion deferred     (1C8I)
session adjourned: 10:20am PST -- 

OntologySummit2013 Organizing Committee: basics, logistics and some ground rules of engagement     (1C9)

  • we are here to get things organized; to frame, coordinate and discuss how we can facilitate the discourse, with an aim towards getting the best outcome from the Summit season; optimizing that against the goals and objectives laid out for this year's summit theme - i.e. OntologySummit2013: "Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle"     (1C9A)
    • make distinction between your "organizer" role and your "content expert" role, both are important - at the ontology-summit-org committee, you are wearing the "organizer" hat; please segregate that from your "content expert" hat (which most of us will also also wear, say, when it comes to rolling out the content that you are championing.)     (1C9A1)
    • no (read: try to absolutely minimize) "content discussions" at the organizing committee meetings, please. We are here to do the meta-discussion on how to frame, coordinate and facilitate the discourse, and discuss "how" to produce an optimal outcome; the content discussions should be done via posting to the [ontology-summit] list, dedicated wiki "content pages" and at the Thursday virtual panel sessions.     (1C9A2)
  • try to provide a quick turn-around on email exchanges. A 4-hour turn-around window would be a good target. A 1 working day (8-Hr) or 24-elapse time response limit is appreciated from everyone (if you don't have a full response, at least provide an acknowledgment and an ETA for the full answer.)     (1C9B)
    • past that limit, people might just choose to call or forge ahead if the response is still missing after that     (1C9B1)
    • try to provide alternate means of contact (e.g. mobile phone number) to people you are collaborating closely with     (1C9B2)
  • for continuity, please try to be at all sessions (or at least your fellow co-champion is there, if you have a pair/team partner)     (1C9C)
  • since things are so interrelated, please always discuss/transact on the mailing list, so that everyone is kept posted     (1C9D)
    • use proper subject line, and prefix in square brackets to help discern topics     (1C9D1)
  • to allow us to freely speak our minds (without getting those utterances caught by search engine crawlers and the like) the [ontology-summit-org] message archives and shared-file workspace are password protected. You should have been informed of the role-based access credentials already if you are an organizing committee member. In case you missed them, please contact <>. ... by the way, please do not share those credentials with others.     (1C9E)
  • Being able to have read and write access to the mailing list messages are crucial. In case you have trouble with that, please contact <> asap.     (1C9F)
    • if you are new on the list, it might help if you check you spam folders first, because the distributed messages may inadvertently be caught by your spam filter.     (1C9F1)
    • please provide <> with aliases (if you might post from them); multiple subscription addresses too.     (1C9F2)