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This is a workspace collecting suggestions on how to better organize, coordinate and facilitate OntologySummit2012 activities. While mainly intended for the use by the organizing committee, this is an open page, and contributions from other summit participants who are not on the organizing committee are welcome.     (1A)

OntologySummit2012: Ontology for Big Systems     (1B)

7th in the series of a 3-month open annual event by and for the Ontology Community. This Summit is co-organized by Ontolog, NIST, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA & NCO_NITRD     (1B1)

ref. OntologySummit     (1B2)

Ideas on How to Frame the Discussion     (1C)

From the 2011_12_08 Pre-launch Community Session prep work:     (1C1)

Systems engineering focuses on the interactions of people with their systems, so includes information technology, data and metadata, socio-technical and cultural aspects including institutional, legal, economic, and human-centered design requirements.     (1C1B)
o Software engineering     (1C1B1)
o Business rules and enterprise issues     (1C1B2)
o Socio-technical environment     (1C1B3)
o Big Data     (1C1B4)
o Ontology Quality in Context     (1C1B5)
"Big Data" to include several dimensions:     (1C1C)
o Complexity of collections     (1C1C1)
o Large quantities of data     (1C1C2)
o Heterogeneity of data (e.g. 600 different representations of patient records)     (1C1C3)
o Federation of distributed data sources     (1C1C4)
o Extracting (useful) knowledge out of big data (using ontology to UNDERSTAND data)     (1C1C5)
  • formulate recommendations for the application of ontological techniques to specific key problems we are facing in the subject area.     (1C1D)