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Registry for Remote Attendees at the Ontology Summit 2007 23 & 24-Apr-2007 workshops and symposium     (1)

  • Please e-mail <> offline to register your attendance (so that we can prepare enough resources to support everyone.)     (1B)
    • if you aren't already an Ontolog member, please include your affiliation and title (besides your name and e-mail address) when you register. Please note that the inclusion of your name on the list below will take the place of an individualized acknowledgement of your registration.     (1B1)
    • if you are an Ontolog member, do feel free to register yourself by adding your own name below.     (1B2)

Registered Remote Attendees     (1C)

Please insert your name and session(s) you plan to be attending below:     (1C1)

(... if you aren't already a member of Ontolog, please include your affiliation and geographic location)     (1C2)

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