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Ontology Evaluation Acroos the Ontology Lifecycle    (2)


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Description Ontology Summit 2013: Ontology Evaluation Across the Ontology Lifecycle
Associated workspaces [[icom_core_element::OntologySummit 2013 Track A Prototype]], [[icom_core_element::OntologySummit 2013 Track B Prototype]], [[icom_core_element::OntologySummit 2013 Track C Prototype]], [[icom_core_element::OntologySummit 2013 Track D Prototype]], OntologySummit2013Team Prototype, OntologySummit2013Hackthon Prototype, OntologySummit2013Clinics Prototype, OntologySummit2013Symposium Prototype, OntologySummit2013Survey Prototype, OntologySummit2013WebsiteDevelopment Prototype, OntologySummit2013ComunityLibrary