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The Ontolog Community     (1)

Welcome to our "open dialog in ontology"! ... (ref. Ontolog in one slide)     (1A)

ONTOLOG (a.k.a. "Ontolog Forum") is an open, international, virtual community of practice devoted to advancing the field of ontology, ontological engineering and semantic technology, and advocating their adoption into mainstream applications and international standards.     (1B)

If you want to find out "What is an ontology?", this would be a good start, ... joining us would help too!     (1C)

News & Announcements     (1D)

All Ontolog events are open. Anyone who is interested, or (better still) who may have something to contribute is welcome to join us. Kindly refer to individual event details on their respective session pages (which you can link to) below. Please make sure you are aware of our IPR policy that is applicable, though, before participating.     (1D1)

  • The OntologySummit2013_Hackathon_Clinics Program will be taking place over the three Saturdays, 30-Mar-2013, 6-Apr-2013 & 13-Apr-2013 - Seven (7) projects are being featured - Participants can join us for the whole day's activities, and observers might be interested to dial into each project's "open webcast segment" of their workday - see access details under the Hackathon-Clinics Master Calendar     (1D10)

... see also:     (1D26)

Discussion Forum Archives / File Workspace & Repository / Meetings & Conference Calls     (1E)

Charter of Ontolog (a.k.a. the "Ontolog Forum")     (1F)

Ontolog is an open, international, virtual community of practice, whose membership will:     (1F1)

  • Discuss practical issues and strategies associated with the development and application of both formal and informal ontologies.     (1F2)
  • Identify ontological engineering approaches that might be applied to the UBL effort, as well as to the broader domain of eBusiness standardization efforts.     (1F3)
  • Strive to advance the field of ontological engineering and semantic technologies, and to help move them into main stream applications.     (1F4)

Communities of Practice Initiatives, Projects & Programs     (1G)

  • Regular Ontolog Community Activities (mostly virtual events)     (1G1)
    • MeetingsCalls - weekly conference calls, workshops, ...     (1G1A)
      • Our regular weekly conference calls are on Thursdays starting 17:30 UTC (refer to the MeetingsCalls page for details). All meetings are open. Members of the community have a standing invitation to join us. When we do not have a scheduled event, the this time-slot will be used for operations planning and review by active members of the community.     (1G1A1)
    • Ontolog Invited Speaker Sessions, Panel Discussions and other related Events - please access the archived material (which forms the body of knowledge that this community is building together)by browsing our list of Past Events or our MeetingsCalls page.     (1G1B)

To add a project or initiative (after starting it in accordance with our community process), please contact PeterYim so he can add a bullet below with the project name, start a wiki homepage as well as the mailing list(s) and the shared-file directory for it. A project page template is available as an optional guide.     (1G2)

Ontolog Community Wiki     (2)

This is the ONTOLOG Community Wiki, an integral part of its Collaborative Work Environment ("CWE"). The wiki is intended for use by trusted team and community members of Projects and Communities of Practice (CoP's) for collaborative documentation. What we have here is a read-and-write web, as opposed to the ordinary web pages that you can only read from with your browser. Treat this as the restaurant napkin that you can sketch on, to share your idea with people sitting around the table. Except, this time, the wiki is your napkin, and the people you are sharing your idea with can be all around the world, sitting in front of their computers (or other computing devices) connected to the Internet; and they don't even necessarily have to be there at the same time you are sketching.     (2A)

Getting Started     (2B)

The WikiHomePage, a link to which can be found under the "navigation" bar (at the top of every page) would generally be the first place to go. Click on the "OntologPSMW" moniker (upper left of any page) should get you to thre too. That page on the wiki's should provide further links to all appropriate content in our collaborative work environment (CWE).     (2B1)

Viewing of wiki content can be done with almost any web browser (no password is needed for "open" wiki's (which is the mode this wiki is working in); username/password will be needed for "community only" wiki's (where applicable; not our case here.)     (2B2)

To write-to (edit content of) the wiki, one will need to "Log in" (see: upper right corner). First time users should create an account if you have not already done so, with a user name for yourself (like "JaneDoe" or "AbrahamLincoln" before you proceed with a wiki authoring/editing session. Please use your real name, as that would allow contributions to be properly attributed to you. You will need to use a password (even if it's simple) so that your identity does not get spoofed too easily. Note that an email verification is needed for your new account to take effect. Text formatting rules for this flavor of wiki can be found at the GettingStarted page. For other guidelines to working with this Wiki, please read our WikiStyleGuide and WikiProcessGuide. First time users could read more about wiki's (say, at: and then play in the SandBox. First time users should read up on wikis at WhatIsaWiki and then play in the SandBox. If you are wondering what all that "" is about, take a look at PurpleNumbers.     (2B3)

Editing of any wiki page can be done (after one has logged in) by loading that page on your browser, and then click on the "Edit" link at the sidebar menu on your right. Do your edits in the editing dialog box. One may click on the "Show preview" (or "Show changes") button to see how the new edits look like. When you are satisfied with the edit, please click on the "Save page" button (at the bottom of the page) to update the page. For significant edits, it is recommended that one should make an entry to "Summary" field to document the edit and help highlight what that edit session entailed (for the ease of future retrieval.) You may be challenged to perform some simple task (like a captcha challenge, or solving a simple arithmetic problem) so the system can confirm that you are not a "spambot."     (2B4)

Noteworthy Events from the Past     (2C)

Podcast of the audio archives for the recorded events below are available: Subscribe to RSS feed using iTunes, Firefox (with appropriate plug-in), Podnova, or other podcast/RSS compatible, sites, client apps, and browsers by clicking here.     (2C1)

e.g. For iPod users: one can discover our content from doing a search through the Apple Podcasts (via iTunes), or go straight to:     (2C2)

  • 2010_12_03 - Friday: 3rd Annual Spatial Ontology Community of Practice (SOCoP) Workshop - full day at USGS National Center at Reston, Virginia, USA (with remote participation support) - see: SOCoP/Workshop_Agenda_2010_12_03     (2C68)
  • 12-November-2009 - Thursday: SOCoP Fall'09 Workshop - SOCoP/Workshop_2009_11_12 ... Audio archive of the session is available!     (2C100)
  • 18-Jun-2009 - Thursday: Announcing the newly formed "International Association for Ontology and its Applications     (2C109)

(IAOA)" by members of the IAOA Executive Council - Dr. NicolaGuarino (ISTC-CNR), Professor JohnBateman (Bremen) , Dr. StefanoBorgo (ISTC-CNR), Dr. PaulBuitelaar (DERI), Dr. AntonyGalton (Exeter), Professor MichaelGruninger (Toronto), Professor RiichiroMizoguchi (Osaka), Professor MarkMusen (Stanford), Dr. LeoObrst (MITRE), Dr. LaureVieu (IRIT-CNRS) and Mr. PeterYim (Ontolog) ... Please refer to details on the session page at: ConferenceCall_2009_06_18 ... Audio archive of the session is available!     (2C110)

  • Thursday, 04-December-2008 - Joint Ontolog-OOR Panel Session: "Ontology Registry and Repository Technology & Infrastructure Landscape - II     (2C124)

" - Co-chair: Dr. PaulBuitelaar and Mr. PeterYim - Panelist: Dr. Mathieu d'Aquin, Mr. MatthewHorridge and Dr. PaulBuitelaar - Please refer to details on the session page at: ConferenceCall_2008_12_04 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C125)

  • Thursday, 25-September-2008 - Kick-off session for the "Emerging Ontology Showcase" mini-series co-championed by Professor KenBaclawski (Northeastern University) and Mr. MikeBennett (Hypercube Ltd., UK). This panel session-1 of the mini-series featured Mr. MikeBennett (Hypercube Ltd., London UK) who gave a talk on: "The EDM Council Semantics Repository: Building global consensus for the Financial Services Industry," and Mr. MikeBergman (Zitgist LLC) who presented on: "UMBEL: A Lightweight Subject Reference Structure for the Web." Please refer to details on the session page at: ConferenceCall_2008_09_25 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C129)
  • Thursday, 29-May-2008 - NASA-Ontolog-KMWG presented the 8th and Concluding Event in their "Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support (OKMDS)" mini-series. Speakers from NASA, Ms. Jeanne Holm (NASA/JPL) and Mr. Andrew Schain (NASA/HQ) present on: "Connecting People Through Semantics, and OKDMS Series Summary." This session was chaired by Ms. Holm. and was featured both as an augmented conference call and simultaneously on NASA's “SecondLife: Explorer Island” virtual world settings. Please refer to details on the session page at: ConferenceCall_2008_05_29 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C137)
  • Thursday, 08-May-2008 - NASA-Ontolog-KMWG presented the 7th event in their "Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support (OKMDS)" mini-series. Professor YochaiBenkler (Harvard) is invited to join session co-chair, Ms. SusanTurnbull & Ms. JeanneHolm to give a talk on: "Cooperation, Human Systems Design, and Peer Production." This virtual event is, again, offered both in our normal augmented conference call settings, as well as concurrently at the NASA/JPL Explorer Island in the "Second Life" virtual world settings. Please refer to details on the session page at: ConferenceCall_2008_05_08 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C138)
  • 25-Mar-2008 - Ontolog events are now posted onto a OntologGoogleGroupCalendar. Thanks to Dr. JieBao (Tetherless World Constellation, RPI) who suggested that we do it, made this first instance happen, and has agreed to help with maintaining that calendar for the community initially.     (2C144)
  • Thursday, 21-Febuary-2008 - NASA-Ontolog-KMWG presented the 4th event in their "Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support (OKMDS)" mini-series. Mr. GioraHadar (FAA) and Dr. MichaelKull (NRC) were invited to join session chair, Ms. JeanneHolm (NASA/JPL) to present on: "How Knowledge Management Supports Decision Making in the (US) Federal Government." This virtual event was, again, offered both in our normal augmented conference call settings, as well as concurrently at the NASA/JPL Explorer Island in the "Second Life" virtual world settings. Please refer to details on the session page at: ConferenceCall_2008_02_21 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C149)
  • Thursday, 6-Dec-2007 - Professor Mark Musen, Head of the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research (formerly Stanford Medical Informatics) and PI of the National Center for Biomedical Ontology research consortium, was our invited speakers. Professor Musen gave a talk on: "If we build it, will they come? Social-engineering of new technology to disseminate biomedical ontologies." Please refer to details on the session wiki page at: ConferenceCall_2007_12_06 ... Audio archives of the session are now available!     (2C157)
  • Thursday, 08-Nov-2007 - A series of activities representing a NASA-Ontolog-KMWG collaboration was launched on this date. Entitled: "Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support (OKMDS)," this mini-series is co-organized by a team of individuals from various related communities passionate about creating the opportunity for an inter-community, collaborative exploration of the intersection between Ontology, Knowledge Management and Decision Support, that could eventually lead us toward "Better Decision Making." Ms. JeanneHolm, Chief Knowledge Architect of NASA/JPL, and Mr. AndrewSchain, Chief Technology Officer at NASA/HQ spoke and gave us the NASA story on the subject. This virtual event was offered in our normal augmented conference call settings, and simultaneously at the NASA/JPL Explorer Island in the "Second Life" virtual world settings. Please refer to details on the session page at: ConferenceCall_2007_11_08 ... Audio archives of the session are now available!     (2C158)
  • Thursday, 25-Oct-2007 - Ms. Jeanne Holm and Mr. Charles White from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory at the California Institute of Technology, gave a talk and demonstration on: "Sharing Knowledge in Second Life" in preparation for the NASA-Ontolog "Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support (OKMDS)" mini-series, as the pre-OKMDS-series tutorial on getting people ready on the Second Life virtual world. Please refer to details on the session wiki page at: ConferenceCall_2007_10_25 ... This marked the first time an Ontolog event was presented both in 'real world' and 'virtual world' settings, thanks to our NASA/JPL friends! ... our 'Second Life' session screen-shots and Audio archives of the session are now available!     (2C159)
  • Thursday, 11-Oct-2007 - Dr. Timothy Redmond, Chief Architect of Protégé from the Stanford Center for Biomedical Informatics Research (formerly Stanford Medical Informatics) and Mr. Peter Yim, CEO of CIM3 were our invited speakers. They presented on: "CODS – a Collaborative Ontology Development Service & Infrastructure" and "Distributed Ontology Development with Protégé." Please refer to details on the session wiki page at: ConferenceCall_2007_10_11 ... Audio archives of the session is now available!     (2C161)

information and records management.     (2C166)

  • Thursday, 1-March-2007 - Dr. Tom Gruber, the ex-Stanford scientist who defined the term "ontology" in the sense we apply to its use in computer science, artificial intelligence and the semantic web these days, was our invited speaker. Dr. Gruber's talk was on: "Grande Challenges for Ontology Design" ... Please refer to details. at the session wiki page at: ConferenceCall_2007_03_01 ... Audio archives of the session is now available!     (2C176)
  • Thursday, 4-January-2007 - we presented the 3rd Event in the "Database And Ontology" Mini-Series - Ms. Elisa Kendall, CEO and Founder of Sandpiper Software was our invited speaker again. She presented a talk on "The Ontology Definition Metamodel (ODM): Motivation & Brief Introduction" ... Please refer to details at the session wiki page, at: ConferenceCall_2007_01_04 ... Audio archives of the session is now available!     (2C182)
  • Thursday, 16-November-2006 - Mr. Peter Yim (CEO of CIM3) will be gave a tutorial on: "A Guide to Collaborating at Ontolog: Sharing files, discussions and the wiki on the Ontolog collaborative work environment" ... Please refer to details at the session wiki page at: TutorialSession_2006_11_16     (2C186)
  • Thursday, 02-Nov-2006 conference call was devoted to (a) testing out a new conference calling service (which supports both landline and skype calls); (b) Ontolog community planning, and (c) coordinating the ONION project startup within the Ontolog community. ... Please refer to details at the session wiki page at: ConferenceCall_2006_11_02 ... Audio archives of the session is now available!     (2C188)
  • Thursday, 26-October-2006 - Dr. Pat Hayes from the Florida Institute for Human & Machine Cognition ("IHMC") was our invited speaker. His presentation was entitled: "A logic for ontology interoperation" where he talked about "Common Logic (CL) and its extension, IKL" - a system of logical notations and formalisms that can act as an expressive foundation for ontology interchange. CL is currently going through ISO approval to become "ISO Common Logic". Please refer to details on the session wiki page at ConferenceCall_2006_10_26 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C189)
  • Thursday, August 17, 2006 - Dr. York Sure, Assistant Professor at the Institute AIFB of the University of Karlsruhe (Germany) and currently visiting researcher at Stanford University (USA), presented to the community his talk entitled: "What does Sparkling Wine have to do with Semantics?" ... Please refer to details at the session wiki page at: ConferenceCall_2006_08_17 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C195)

Oriented Architecture". Expert panelists invited to brief the session will include Mr. Ron Schmelzer (Zapthink), Dr. Ken Laskey (MITRE) and Ms. Rebekah Metz (Booz Allen Hamilton) ... Please refer to details at the session wiki page at ConferenceCall_2006_08_10 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C197)

  • We had our 3rd Ontolog Face-to-Face meetings July 23~26, 2006. As was the case last time, we were holding it in conjunction with the year's 9th International Protégé Conference. The main venue for the event was at Stanford University, Palo Alto, California. Our theme this year wass: "Natural, Semi-Formal, and Formal Ontologies: Bridging the Layers, Limits, and Lacunas." We had a full-day workshop on July 23, participated at the Protégé Conference proper, made a visit to the SRI Artificial Intelligence Center on July 25, and held other social events. ... Please refer to details and proceedings on the wiki page at OntologWorkshop_July_2006     (2C198)
  • Dr. Timothy Redmond from Stanford Medical Informatics was the invited speaker for our Thursday, June 29, 2006 session. He presented a talk on: "Developing Applications in Protégé: The Protégé Plugin Architecture" for those of us in the community who are, or are planning to, develop ontology-based applications ... Please refer to details at the session wiki page at ConferenceCall_2006_06_29 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C201)
  • Ontolog Forum rolled out a series of events (talks and discussion sessions) between April 13 and July 26, 2006 that revolve around the topic: "Ontologizing the Ontolog Body of Knowledge" during which this community explored the "what's" and "how's" to the development of a semantically interoperable application, using the improved access to the community knowledge of Ontolog as a case in point. ... see OntologizingOntolog and the rest of the events for this series archived below:     (2C209)
  • Dr. Matthew West, Reference Data Architecture and Standards Manager of Shell International Petroleum Company Limited (London, UK), and custodian of the ISO-15926 specification, presented to the community on Thursday, February 23, 2006. His talk was entitled: "An Introduction to 4 Dimensionalism and ISO 15926" ... Please refer to details on the wiki session page at: ConferenceCall_2006_02_23 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C212)
  • Dr. Nicola Guarino from the Laboratory for Applied Ontology in Italy will be presenting to the community on Thursday, February 2, 2006. His talk is entitled: "Making basic ontological choices: the DOLCE experience." DOLCE - a Descriptive Ontology for Linguistic and Cognitive Engineering - is an initiative lead by Dr. Guarino and is one of the leading Upper Ontologies available. ... Please refer to details on the wiki session page at: ConferenceCall_2006_02_02 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C213)
  • Jan. 25, 2006 - Podcast to the audio archives of the recorded Ontolog speaker and discussion events became available - Thanks to EMichaelMaximilien who led the initial effort - see above     (2C214)
  • Dr. James Spohrer, Director of Services Research at IBM's Almaden Research Center was our invited speaker for December, and presented to the community on Thursday, Dec. 8, 2005. The title of his talk was: "Services Sciences, Management, Engineering (SSME): A next frontier in education, innovation, and economic growth and the role of knowledge representation techniques in services innovation" ... Please refer to details on the ConferenceCall_2005_12_08 session page ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C217)
  • Dr. Nicolas Rouquette from NASA/JPL moderated our Technical Discussion on Thursday, Oct. 20, 2005. The topic discussed was: "Semantic Web Service Ontology Standard". A panel including DavidMartin (OWL-S), JohnDomingue (WSMO), AmitSheth (WSDL-S) and MichaelGruninger (SWSF / FLOWS), were on the panel to help open the discussion. Between our panelists and experts in the audience, we collectively delved into the various perspectives and approaches being taken by the state-of-the-art researchers on the subject matter. We tried to make some sense of the current situation, and even suggested where things should possibly be heading. Please refer to details at the session wiki page at ConferenceCall_2005_10_20 ... Audio archive of the session is now available!     (2C221)
  • 2005.06.29 - the Ontolog Community adopted a motion to nominate Mark Musen, M.D. Ph.D., Head of Stanford Medical Informatics and the Protégé project, as a candidate to the 17-member Advisory Committee of the American Health Information Community (AHIC) that is being set up by the US Federal Department Health and Human Services. This commission is expected to develop a process for selecting standards and an architecture for the National Health Information Network. On the coordination of BobSmith, our nomination letter was officially sent to NCO/HHS on 2005.08.01. Unfortunately, our nominee did not make it onto the AHIC commision. See: NominationToAHIC     (2C229)
  • First [ontolog] Meeting & Workshop: Wed~Fri, Nov. 5~7, 2003, San Francisco, California, USA. This first face-to-face meeting of the Ontolog community was colocated with and hosted by the OASIS UBL Technical Committee meeting. see: OntologWorkshop_Nov_2003     (2C253)

Membership     (2D)

  • The ONTOLOG community has been around for more than 10 years now. We currently have over 800 members in the community, coming from over 30 different countries (more than 120 locations) around the world. Our announcement list (which is subscribed to by both members, as well as non-members who want are kept posted on our community events) has more than 2000 subscribers. The Ontolog website currently gets about half-a-million page views each month.     (2D1)
  • New Members     (2D2)
    • this is an OPEN, virtual Community of Practice ("CoP"), operated by the community itself     (2D2A)
    • anyone who would want to participate and contribute in accordance with this CoP's charter, and consents to abide by its IPR policy, contribution guidelines and other by-laws which the community shall set-forth, is welcomed to join. To date, there is no fee or cost to participate, except that members are expected to be team players and contribute to our mission as much as, and in whatever way they can.     (2D2B)
    • all members should use their real names when transacting in the Ontolog community's collaborative work environment (CWE).     (2D2C)
  • Members     (2D4)
    • all members are encouraged to create, populate and maintain thier namesake page on this wiki, so that others in the community can get to know them easily.     (2D4A)
      • a member's namesake page should be one with the person name's in WikiWord format (like, Ms. Jane Doe's namesake page would be JaneDoe).     (2D4A1)
      • refer to the description above to create your namesake page (since it is probably the first time you will be editing on this wiki too.)     (2D4A2)
      • Contribution Guidelines and Policy:     (2D4A3)
        • please ensure that your posts are relevant (to our Community Charter), and that it complies with our IPR Policy.     (2D4A3A)
        • unless specifically requested/solicited by other community member(s), please make sure any commercial- or self-promotion material or reference are strictly limited to one's namesake page or a short signature block, and nowhere else as far as our open collaborative work environment is concerned. The co-conveners reserve the right to relocate or remove such material from within the CWE, if deemed inappropriately done, to the extent that it affects the neutrality and commercial free work environment that this CWE is set out to be.     (2D4A3B)
    • The "ontolog-member-survey-0" form is available online at     (2D4B)
    • all members will be subscribed to the [ontolog-forum] mailing list. This is a medium traffic list (even 'high traffic' at times). Members who may feel inundated by the traffic can re-configure their message delivery to the 'digest' or 'no mail' mode (from the default of 'deliver to inbox' mode. One can switch back-and-forth between these modes as often as he/she prefers.)     (2D4C)
      • a member may choose to join the various ongoing projects that are run by the community - this takes the form of their getting subscribed to the specific project mailing list, and his/her participation at the project activities (like conference calls and online or off-line project work.)     (2D4C1)
      • all list traffic will be archived and are publicly available. See:     (2D4C2)
      • our announcement list, [ontolog-invitation], include both members and non-members. Anyone who wants to be posted on upcoming Ontolog events are welcomed to subscribe themselves by e-mailng: <ontolog-invitation-join[at]>     (2D4C3)

Community Process     (2E)

  • Process will be discussed and adopted among the "active" [ontolog] community members from time to time. "Observers" will not have voting rights to the establishment of the community process. (ref. Sep-02 terms of reference)     (2E1)
  • in the absence of [ontolog] community established process, our process will default to the current OASIS TC Process - see: (ref. Sep-02 terms of reference)     (2E2)
    • the start and termination of an ontolog project or subproject should default to the OASIS TC & SC process (where Ontolog "projects" processes will map to OASIS "TC" processes).     (2E2A)
    • in essence, a new project needs to be supported by at least 3 members, have a project charter or mission statement, a kick-off conference call (or meeting) and a project home page, to get officially launched.     (2E2B)

Publications & Deliverables     (2F)

Resources     (2G)

More about Collaborative Work Environments ("CWEs")     (2G4)

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Policy     (2I)

  • the [ontolog-forum] is chartered to be an OPEN forum. As such, all contribution to this forum by its community membership shall have been made under an open content license, open publication license or one of the free software or open source licenses. (See also:     (2I1)
    • unless otherwise specified, content within the [ontolog-forum] collaborative work environment shall be subject to OpenContent License (OPL), Version 1.0, July 14, 1998 or its successor. (see     (2I1A)
      • the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA-3.0 (Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0) License may also be applied in lieu of the OPL v1.0 license (as they are quite similar, and the OPL v1.0 license is rather "old" and seldom cited much any more.) ... Do note that these open licenses are "reciprocal" in nature.     (2I1A1)
    • when in doubt, IPR matters relating to the [ontolog-forum] default to the OASIS IPR policy (effective as of 23-September-2002; in accordance with the processes defined in our reconstitution of September 2002.)     (2I1B)
    • those who are unable to contribute under the above licensing arrangements should refrain from contributing to the [ontolog-forum] content.     (2I1C)

--- This particular page is maintained by PeterYim. Please do not edit the page. Kindly send any addition, change, comment and suggestion to him at for incorporation/discussion.     (2K1)