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Ontologist, Philosopher, Aspiring student, Actively Seeking study or work opportunities

CV available on request. Sample Project Github GoogleScholar ORCID Philpapers ResearchGate DBLP Computer Sci Pubs ResearcherID

Contact: rrovetto[at]terpalum[dot]umd[dot]edu


Immediately Open to Opportunities


  • Any funded opportunity for my space ontology project
  • Seeking Employment opportunities (internationally)
  • Seeking Educational opportunities
    • In a spaceflight topic
    • In Philosophy
    • In Interdisciplinary program

Education & Training

  • M.A. Philosophy / Interdisciplinary Ontology program, State University of New York, Philosophy Dept. (2011)
  • B.A. Philosophy, Univ. of Maryland. Minor, Business & Management w/Information Technology focus
  • Coursework, Space Studies, AMU/APUS (2009,'11,'12)
  • Other expertise and credetialing: Maritime operations, water rescue

Primary Interests & Specialties

  • Philosophy (general)
  • Ontology (formal, philosophical, applied ontology)
    • Generic/foundational ontology & ontologies
    • Methodological and ethical aspects of ontology engineering
  • Symbolic logic
  • Astronautics, Space Situational Awareness, Orbital Debris
  • Maritime safety and rescue

Relevant Experience

  • Ontologist work experience
  • Contributed to two foundational ontologies
  • 20 articles since 2011, all but two pursed in spare time
  • Service to Discipline:
    • Education Technical Committee, International Association for Ontology and its Applications (IAOA)
    • Semantic Web Technical Committee, IAOA
    • Webmaster work for YAMATO ontology, and for RFM ontology
    • Misc. ontology group discussions
    • Ontology Summit contributions
    • Invited manuscript reviewer, Journal of Applied Ontology (2017)
    • Ontology subject-matter expert committee member of in ISO (2017)
    • Ontology subject-matter expert committee member in aerospace organization (2020-present)
    • Semantic Technology group member, ESIP