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Sivaram Arabandi     (1)

Sivaram Arabandi, MD, MS     (1A)

Clinical Informatics     (1B)

Ontopro LLC     (1C)

Houston, TX     (1D)

Education     (1E)

  • 1992 MBBS, Osmania Medical College, Hyderabad, India     (1E1)
  • 1996 General Surgery, Health University, Hyderabad, India     (1E2)
  • 1999 MS in Computer Science, Cardiff University, Wales, UK     (1E3)

Ontology / Semantic Web relevant Experience     (1F)

Ontology related work     (1G)

  1. Ontology for General Medical Science:     (1G1)
  2. Computer based��Patient��Record (CPR)��Ontology:     (1G3)
  3. Ontology of Medically Related Social Entities:     (1G5)
  4. Ontology for New Born Screening and Translational Research (ONSTR):     (1G6)

Publications     (1H)

  1. Semantic Integration of Clinical Data for Outcomes Research and Reporting - 2007 AMIA Annual Conference.     (1H1)
  2. Developing a Sleep Domain Ontology - 2010 AMIA TBI/CRI Summit, San Francisco.     (1H2)
  3. VISAGE: A Query Interface for Clinical Research - 2010 AMIA TBI/CRI Summit, San Francisco.     (1H3)
  4. Segmenting and Merging Domain-specific Ontology Modules for Clinical Informatics - 2010 Formal Ontology in Information Systems (FOIS), Toronto, Canada.     (1H4)
  5. Mapping multi-institution data sources to domain ontology for data federation: the PhysioMIMI approach - 2011 CRI Summit, American Medical Informatics Association, San Francisco     (1H5)
  6. Graph-Based Methods for Discovery Browsing with Semantic Predications - AMIA Annu Symp Proc. 2011; 2011: 1514��1523. PMCID: PMC3243228     (1H6)
  7. "ClinicalKey: Terminology driven Semantic Search" - demo at ICBO 2012, Graz, Austria     (1H7)

Synergistic Activities     (1I)

  1. Organizer of "Building Ontologies for Clinical and Translational Research, NCBO Tutorial and Workshop 2011", Emory University, Atlanta, GA,     (1I1)
  2. Program Committee member of 3rd International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO) 2012, Graz, Austria     (1I2)
  3. Co-chair of "Methods for adverse events representation Ontology and Information Model workshop" at ICBO 2012, Graz, Austria     (1I3)
  4. Publicity Chair of 4th International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO) 2013, Montreal, Qc, Canada     (1I4)

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