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Robert J. Rovetto

Robert is a formal ontologist, philosopher, open to work and study opportunities globally. Output includes ontologies, and over 40 written works & presentations since 2011: journal & conference papers, (inter)national standards, national agency manuals, reports, grant proposals, presentations; as well as collaborative projects including open data/science. Focus areas include: terminology; knowledge representation; conceptual modeling; highly abstract concepts; foundational or top-level ontology; development methodology & governance; and ethics of/in ontology & AI. Disciplinary focus areas for ontology include: ontology for aerospace, maritime, and emergency response. Relevant activities are listed below. You can Directly hire for selected services or Purchase products at this webpage.

Contact: rrovetto[at]terpalum[dot]umd[dot]edu or using this webpage. or schedule a meeting here.

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For hire / Open to Opportunities

Willing to relocate internationally. Authorized to work in EU & US, with special interest in Canada.

  • Open to regular employment, temp, consulting or contract roles. Open to any level: junior, entry-, mid, apprenticeship.
  • Open to educational opportunities as PhD student. Will consider lesser degree.
  • Direct hire webpage for ontology consulting
  • Searching for formal support for my space ontology project and other projects.
  • International experience, bilingual, MBSE, and Agile team experience

Written works (sample)

Education & Training

  • M.A. Philosophy, with applied ontology focus, and courses from multiple departments; The State University of New York.
  • B.A. Philosophy, with Minor in Business & Management w/Information Technology focus; University of Maryland.
  • Graduate coursework toward M.S. in Space Studies; AMU (incomplete, TBD pending opportunities)
  • Training & Expertise in (cv available on request): Maritime operations, water search & rescue. Certified commercial merchant marine.

Service Activities (sample)

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Selected Interests

  • Philosophy (general)
    • Metaphysics: causality/causation, space & time, laws of nature, misc.
    • Ethics & moral philosophy
    • various topics in philosophy
  • Symbolic logic
  • Ontology (formal, philosophical, applied)
    • Generic/Foundational ontology & ontologies
    • Methodological and ethical aspects of ontology and similar types of system
  • MBSE - Model-based systems engineering
  • Space: astronautics, astronomy, policy, law, spatio-temporality
  • Marine safety, boat operations, search & rescue