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[ Schedule a Meeting here]
[ Schedule a Meeting here]
[ Hire me for Ontology Services]
[ Hire me for Ontology Services]
[ Description of Some Ontology Services (PPT)]
[ Description of Some Ontology Services]
[ Description of Pay-per Ontology Course (PPT)]
[ Description of Pay-per Ontology Course]
[ Sample Project]
[ Sample Project]

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[ ]

Ontologist, Philosopher, and Aspiring student, actively seeking study or work opportunities CV available on request.     (1)

Contact: rrovetto[at]terpalum[dot]umd[dot]edu or here     (5)


Immediately Open to Opportunities     (6)

(Internationally)     (6A)

Education & Training     (7)

  • M.A. Philosophy / Interdisciplinary Ontology program, State University of New York, Philosophy Dept. (2011)     (7A)
  • B.A. Philosophy, Univ. of Maryland. Minor, Business & Management w/Information Technology focus     (7B)
  • Coursework, Space Studies, AMU/APUS (2009,'11,'12)     (7C)
  • Other expertise: Maritime operations, water rescue     (7D)

Primary Interests & Specialties     (8)

Relevant Experience     (9)

  • Ontologist & MBSE project experience     (9A)
  • Contributed to two foundational ontologies     (9B)
  • 20 articles and presentations since 2011, all but two pursed in spare time while searching for work or study options for a career-path     (9C)

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