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This page is for the documentation relating to the metadata requirements of the "open ontology repository" we are planning to implement through the OOR initiative.     (2A)

What's New     (2B)

Tasks at Hand     (2C)

... this and the following sections need to be updated!     (2C1)

    • 2. (urgent) drive the OOR sandbox to production-box transition.     (2C4A)
      • Action Item 2: Focus on issues related to "production" OOR, particularly the gatekeeper functionality.     (2C4A1)
    • 3. (medium term) we need research, discuss, and sought expert advice on state-of-art on versioning, identifier, etc.     (2C4B)
      • we might want to schedule a panel session to delve into this.     (2C4B1)
      • we can schedule another "OOR Metadata Workshop" in about a month or so as a follow-up.     (2C4B2)

Proposed     (2D)

18 March 2011 - OOR will use the OMV ontology as the core metadata ontology.     (2D1)

18 March 2011 - OMV will be extended to import additional extensions needed to support OOR (e.g., ontology configurations, version history)     (2D2)

22 March 2011 - John Graybeal proposes evaluating using MMI's Ontology Metadata for Community Ontologies as an extension     (2D3)

Discussion of Proposal     (2E)

... (please insert - kindly identify yourself, and date the entries!)     (2E1)

John Graybeal 2011.03.22: MMI spent considerable time determining what metadata would be important to have for ontologies that are maintained on behalf of communities that develop information resources. We found a number of metadata items that were important for ongoing management of ontologies -- where they came from, how they are maintained, frequency of update, licensing and permission, and even more refined details -- in addition to the OMV metadata specified at that time. We didn't implement everything we envisioned, but do have a fair number in our system. The Ontology Metadata page provides a summary of our conclusions.     (2E2)

Adopted     (2F)

... (coming!)     (2F1)

Discussion     (2G)

... (please insert - kindly identify yourself, and date the entries!)     (2G1)

References     (2H)

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