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Semantic Annotation of the Ontolog Community Environment (SAOCE)     (1A)

Team lead: Ken Baclawski (EST, UTC-5), Ken at     (1A1)

This hackathon will take place on Saturday, 29 March 2014 starting at 7:00am PDT / 10:00am EDT / 11:00am Argentina / 3:00pm CEST / 14:00 UTC with a break for lunch (depending on your timezone). It is an all day event.     (1A2)

  • Dial-in:     (1A3)
    • Phone (US): +1 (206) 402-0100 ... when prompted enter Conference ID: 141184# ... (long distance cost may apply)     (1A3A)
    • Skype: joinconference (i.e. make a skype call to the contact with skypeID="joinconference") ... (generally free-of-charge, when connecting from your computer ... ref.)     (1A3B)
      • when prompted enter Conference ID: 141184#     (1A3B1)
      • Unfamiliar with how to do this on Skype? ...     (1A3B2)
        • Add the contact "joinconference" to your skype contact list first. To participate in the teleconference, make a skype call to "joinconference", then open the dial pad (see platform-specific instructions below) and enter the Conference ID: 141184# when prompted.     (1A3B2A)
        • you may connect to (the skypeID) "joinconference" whether or not it indicates that it is online (i.e. even if it says it is "offline," you should still be able to connect to it.)     (1A3B2B)
      • Can't find Skype Dial pad? ...     (1A3B3)
        • for Windows Skype users: Can't find Skype Dial pad? ... it's under the "Call" dropdown menu as "Show Dial pad"     (1A3B3A)
        • for Linux Skype users: please note that the dial-pad is only available on v4.1 (or later; or on the earlier Skype versions 2.x,) if the dialpad button is not shown in the call window you need to press the "d" hotkey to enable it. ... (ref.)     (1A3B3B)
    • instructions: once you got access to the page, click on the "settings" button, and identify yourself (by modifying the Name field from "anonymous" to your real name, like "JaneDoe").     (1A4A)
    • You can indicate that you want to ask a question verbally by clicking on the "hand" button, and wait for the moderator to call on you; or, type and send your question into the chat window at the bottom of the screen.     (1A4B)

The Ontolog collaborative work environment (of which its wiki is an integral part) has always served (since the establishment of the Ontolog community 12 years ago) as the community's dynamic knowledge repository. The migration of Ontolog Community wiki content (in particular, the entire body of knowledge from previous Ontology Summit seasons) from the Ontolog Wiki (purple wiki) to the new OntologPSMW (purple semantic mediawiki) is an ongoing effort.     (1A5)

The following are the goals of this effort, of which the hackathon will be a significant part:     (1A6)

  • Organization of the Ontolog Community wiki content in a way that encourages and facilitates access to and (re)use of the material     (1A7)
  • Use of the ICOM ontology to annotate the Ontolog Community wiki content     (1A8)
  • Use of these semantic annotations to provide and enable new functionality and views of the content     (1A9)

During the hackathon the focus will be on:     (1A10)

  • Development of code to extract calendar and related scheduling data from the Ontolog Community wiki pages and convert this data to ICOM-compatible annotations     (1A11)
  • Development of code, constructs, queries, user-interfaces, etc. that will present the semantically annotated Ontology Summit content in interesting ways     (1A12)
  • Development of code and constructs for interoperation of the Ontolog Community wiki with calendar tools     (1A13)

Organisation     (1A14)

We will use the code repository and issue tracker at     (1A14A)

Participation     (1A15)

You are welcome to participate, either as a mediawiki developer, or as a tester of the developed code.     (1A15A)

To sign up, use this procedure:     (1A15B)

Signed up for Hackathon !!     (1A15I)

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