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On reading over the individuals' input:     (1A)

Please make sure you refer to the Ontology Summit 2007 & OntologySummit2007_Survey pages for the full context of the input.     (1B)

Input were received from the following individuals to the OntologySummit2007_Survey     (1C)

  1. OntologySummit2007_Survey/Response/EdDodds_2 (received after survey database was rolled-up (2007.04.04) and sent for analysis)     (1C54)
  2. OntologySummit2007_Survey/Response/GeneSmith (received after survey database was rolled-up (2007.04.04) and sent for analysis)     (1C55)

Response database     (1D)

This page is maintained by: Peter P. Yim     (1E2)

Please forward any modification and update, along with the change justification) to him for posting.     (1E3)

Individual's input pages should only be changed by by the above designated maintainer, or the individual himself/herself.     (1E4)

Please append any (non-typo) modification at the bottom of the each page, leaving the original survey input intact.     (1E5)

This page has been migrated from the OntologWiki - Click here for original page     (1E6)

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