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*** blog posts seen at:  
*** blog posts seen at:  
**** by Robert David Steele of  
**** by Robert David Steele of  
* getting the community-specific discussions going: - (no further discussion at this call)
** see (communities enumerated):
** and (champions we have in mind):
** action: ...
*** Ivan: consider asking people to identify what community they belong to
*** Nicola: we catalog, and map out the framework
*** Peter: ask various communities to put together a glossary of their ontology (or ontology-related) vocabulary
*** Steve / Nicola: ask various community representative to where they think they fit in
*** try getting TomGruber to present his view some time soon, that is going to help - Tom has posted, both [ on 'ontology'] and [ on 'folksonomy']. Thanks, Tom!
*** Steve: steer away from the word 'ontology' and just ask other communities how they define their 'structures'
*** Olivier / Steve: we should be the USGS (cartographers) rather than the UN (peacekeepers) of 'ontologies' here.
*** Steve / Leo: start putting something up (a draft) so that people have something to talk about
**** cadidates to drive the drafting: LeoObrst, [[MichaelGruninger]], ... with support from Steve, Olivier
**** start from the draft communique wiki page ... and have anyone contribute even small chunks (without major time commitments)
**** maybe someone could start by drafting a table-of-content - Steve?
**** when ready for another round of reviews, someone makes a post to [ontology-summit] list
**** use combination of wiki, spreadsheet (google spreadsheet for collaborative editing, and excel for the purpose)
*** thanks to [[DeborahMcGuinness]], she has [ volunteered] to co-lead the ontology spectrum discussion and writeup.
* Discussion:  
* Discussion:  

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OntologySummit2007 Organizing Committee Conference Call - Tuesday 20-Mar-2007     (1)

  • This session will a 30-minute conference call starting at Tue 20-Mar-2007 8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT / 4:30pm CET / 15:30 GMT/UTC     (1A)

Attendees:     (1D)

Agenda Ideas     (1E)

  • follow-ups now that the survey is out?     (1E1)
  • Discuss - what could ensure us that we are bringing "value" to the community-at-large, with this "Ontology Summit 2007" endeavor?     (1E2)
  • organizing committee structure and protocol - distributing the workload     (1E3)
  • getting organized to get dialogs from representatives of other constituencies (other than formal ontologists) going - review/add/comment on list of people who could represent various constituencies and contribute to providing their input and perspectives     (1E4)
  • getting organized to summarize/synthesize the mailing list discussions on the wiki - devoting part of the 15-Feb-2007 Ontolog weekly call to do it with Summit conveners     (1E5)
  • ... (please post here; indentify yourself for follow-up purposes)     (1E6)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1G)

... (Agenda Coming ... what's captured here is mainly from last week)     (1G1)

1. Meeting called to order:     (1G2)

2. Roll Call:     (1G5)

3. Urgent Issues:     (1G7)

  • Discussion:     (1G9)
    • What could ensure us that we are bringing "value" to the community-at-large (or even the world-at-large), with this "Ontology Summit 2007" endeavor? How do we keep conveners engaged?     (1G9A)

4. Outstanding Issues:     (1G11)

5. New Issues:     (1G17)

6. Any Other Business:     (1G18)

7. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:     (1G19)

  • ALL: we will continue the discussion of today's agenda items on the [ontology-summit-org] list     (1G20)
  • Next Meeting: (candidate) unless otherwise re-scheduled (which we likely will) our next meeting will be a 30-minute conference call starting at Tue 27-Mar-2007 8:30am PDT / 11:30am EDT / 4:30pm CET / 15:30 UTC. (ref: world clock)     (1G21)
notes taken by: [[PeterYim]] / 2007.03.20-09:33 PDT
All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.