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Ontology Summit     (1)

An annual series of events (first started by Ontolog and NIST in 2006) that involves the ontology community along with communities related to each year's theme chosen for the summit. The Ontology Summit program is now co-organized by Ontolog, NIST, NCOR, NCBO, NCO_NITRD along with the co-sponsorship of other organizations that are supportive of the Summit goals and objectives.     (1A)

There is now an Ontology Summit YouTube Channel at Ontology Summit YouTube Channel     (1B)

Format: each year's Summit comprises of a series of both virtual and face-to-face events that span about 3 months. These include a vigorous three-month online discourse on the theme of choice (for a particular summit), virtual panel discussions, research activities ... etc. which will culminate in a two-day workshop and symposium. The publication of a Summit Communiqué each year, at the end of the symposium, to get an annual message from the participants to the world-at-large, has also been a signature activity of this Ontology Summit series. ... ( ref. also the Ontology Summit Process )     (1T)

There is now an Ontology Summit YouTube Channel at Ontology Summit YouTube Channel.     (1U)

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