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Michael Barnett     (1)

Michael W. Barnett, PhD     (1A)

EVP, professional services     (1B)

SmartCloud, Inc.     (1C)

Bedford, Massachusetts, USA.     (1D)

email: mbarnett [at]     (1E)

I am the EVP of professional services for this start-up tasked with knowledge engineering. I have a PhD in engineering (process control, dynamic modeling & simulation, AI), MS in Civil Engineering, and a BA in Psychology; 25+ years in software (real-time systems, expert systems, rules management, supply-chain, process industries.     (1G)

My primary interest is in understanding methodologies, i.e., step-by-step procedures for creating and maintaining ontologies for large, highly dynamic real-time applications; and would like to discuss with this community, what aspects of ontology creation are required for applications to survive in an unforgiving world?     (1H)

... Michael, at your convenience, please edit and expand on this page, and keep it updated so the community can get to know you better. Welcome! ... (read this if it's your first time editing the Ontolog wiki.) =ppy     (1I)

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