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Marcio Moreno    (1)

Marcio is currently the leader of a research group at IBM Research, aiming at advancing the state-of-the-art in Knowledge Engineering for AI systems, applied mainly to Natural Resources industries. In a multidisciplinary approach, he is putting together Knowledge Engineering and Hypermedia fundamentals, devising a high-level hybrid knowledge representation to connect symbolic and non-symbolic nodes of a knowledge graph.     (1A)

Marcio has designed and implemented AI systems, network protocols, distributed applications, and conceptual models. He also has contributions in open source projects as well as with reference implementations for standards, including the creation of the reference implementation of a Digital TV middleware named Ginga. In addition, he has contributions in the specification of NCL, which is a declarative language for hypermedia-document authoring. Ginga and NCL are part of two international standards that I also have contributions: ITU-T H.761 Recommendation for IPTV services and the ISDB-T standards.     (1B)

Marcio has published more than 60 research papers in refereed international journals and conference proceedings and has 18 patents filed in the US Patent Office.     (1C)