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John Bateman     (1)

Professor Dr. John A. Bateman     (1A)

University of Bremen, Germany     (1B)

John Bateman, Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Bremen, researches in functional and computational linguistics, focusing particularly on multilingual and multimodal linguistic description, and computational instantiations of linguistic theory. He obtained his Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence from Edinburgh University in 1986 and worked subsequently in computational linguistics projects at Kyoto University, the Information Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California, the German National Research Center for Information Technology in Darmstadt, and the Stirling University, Scotland. His current interests revolve around the relationship of linguistically-motivated ontologies to other ontological realms and the construction of computational dialogue systems for robot-human communication using such ontologies. He has published widely in all these areas, as well as authoring several introductory and survey articles on natural language generation and systemic-functional linguistics. He has been working on linguistically motivated ontologies since 1989 and is is currently the coordinator of the Bremen Ontology Research Group (     (1D)

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