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Number 37
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time November 07 2016 16:30 GMT
8:30 PST/11:30 EST
4:30pm GMT/5:30pm CET
Convener MikeBennett

IAOA Semantic Web Applied Ontology (SWAO) SIG     (2)

Meetings are normally on the first Monday of the month at these times.     (3)

  • We will use GoToMeeting forthis meeting - details in the above page.     (5)

The main agenda item is next steps on the AO Special Edition.     (6)


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[16:38] ToddSchneider: Ken, can you see the screen Mike's showing?     (8A)

[16:44] ToddSchneider: GoTo Meeting has constraints for the Linux operating system: No use of computer audio (i.e., Linux users need to call in), cannot be made presenter     (8B)

[16:48] MikeBennett: What is the URI for Gary's chat room?     (8C)

[17:22] ToddSchneider: Ken received a paper from Till about the Hackathon.     (8D)

[17:28] MikeBennett: M to email Nicola again, specifically about Ken B access to Editor functions on AO     (8E)

[17:31] MikeBennett: MB to mail in Till's paper to the AO email address with the relevant title and covernote information.     (8F)

[17:34] MikeBennett: SWAO progress     (8G)

[17:34] MikeBennett: Make a pitch at the December meetings     (8H)

[17:34] MikeBennett: MB also recruiting     (8I)

[17:34] MikeBennett: Also Edu Sub-committee looking at ontology competitions     (8J)

[17:35] MikeBennett: Is there anything we can provide or suggest to the committee? Will the focus be on development or ontological issues?     (8K)

[17:41] ToddSchneider: Vocabularies are similar to 'facades' in software.     (8L)

[17:43] ToddSchneider: An ontology can be used to constrain the interpretations for terms in a vocabulary.     (8M)

[17:44] ToddSchneider: Mike, can you work in the (software) MVC pattern as being similar to the vocabulary - ontology - implementation paradigm?     (8N)

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