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Dealing With Mailing List Traffic     (1)

This page is started on DuaneNickull's suggestion on 2007.03.21 (regarding the high list traffic issue we were facing)     (1A)

Using Filter(s) on your Mail Client     (1B)

As Chris Menzel once suggested, among the best ways to do this is to receive the distribution in "normal" (into your inbox) mode (rather than "digest" mode"), but set the filter on your mail client to put it away in a separate folder (rather than your "inbox") so you can read it at a time more suitable to yourself.     (1B1)

For Microsoft Outlook (with Microsoft Exchange Server) (--MatthewWest / 2007.03.23)     (1B2)

For the Mozilla Thunderbird e-mail client (-PeterYim / 2007.08.07)     (1B21)

 =  separator (from one instruction element to the next)

( ) = comment abc = click on, select, or continue with the selection of "abc" "abc" = fill in the form/field with the input "abc" [ ] = selection (e.g. radio button, check box or dropdown selection of choice)     (1B22)

  • (dropdown menu) Tools | Message Filters ...     (1B23)
  • New | Filter name: = "ONTOLOG" (example) | [Match any of the following]     (1B24)
  • [subject] | [contains] | "[ontolog"     (1B25)
  • Perform these actions: | [Move Message to] | [ontolog] (example only, assume you have created a folder labeled * "ontolog" as a container for the incoming ontolog messages (rather than having it go to your "inbox")     (1B26)
  • Run selected filter(s) on: [Inbox] | Run Now     (1B28)

... please insert your suggestions or contributions (e.g. instructions for setting up dofferent mail clients) here     (1B29)

This page has been migrated from the OntologWiki - Click here for original page     (1B30)