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ONTOLOG Volunteers Meeting - Thu 2014.07.03     (1)

Topic: The ONTOLOG volunteers meet to allocate tasks for the next phase of ONTOLOG     (1A)

Session Chair: KenBaclawski     (1B)

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  • RSVP by emailing the co-chairs ( ken[at] offline so that we can prepare enough resources to support everyone. Please state clearly the date of the session you are registering for in your email ... or simply add yourself to the "Expected Attendee" list below (if you are a member of the community and have a login to this wiki already.)     (2G)
  • Please note that this session may be recorded, and if so, the audio archive is expected to be made available as open content, along with the proceedings of the call to our community membership and the public at-large under our prevailing open IPR policy.     (2I)

Abstract     (3)

As the ONTOLOG Community moves to the next phase, the duties that Peter Yim was performing will need to be performed by volunteers. At this meeting we will discuss the tasks that need to be performed and the volunteers who will be performing them.     (3A)

Agenda & Proceedings     (4)

AGENDA:     (4A)

Positions & Volunteers     (4D)

Attendees     (4F)

[12:26] KenBaclawski: = ONTOLOG Volunteers Meeting - Thu 2014.07.03 =     (4F4)

Topic: The ONTOLOG volunteers meet to allocate tasks for the next phase of ONTOLOG     (4F5)

Session Chair: KenBaclawski     (4F6)

[12:28] anonymous morphed into JulitaBermejoAlonso     (4F12)

[12:31] DavidBlevins: Julita are you in the call?     (4F13)

[12:32] JulitaBermejoAlonso: Yes, I think so. I should be muted. Give me a sec.     (4F14)

[12:32] KenBaclawski: Terry,are you on the call?     (4F15)

[12:35] ChristiKapp: Sorry I am in a big room     (4F16)

[12:35] ChristiKapp: hard to say much     (4F17)

[12:41] ChristiKapp: My Ontolog profile is here for a slightly better introduction and I would like to help wherever I can.     (4F18)

[12:42] MikeBennett: On the mailing list, one often overlooked duty is moderation - dealing with off-topic posts, fights etc.     (4F19)

[12:45] TerryLongstreth: @Mike - yes, and it requires a degree of diplomacy that's not always available in this community.     (4F20)

[12:45] ChristiKapp: Audio processing does take about 2x to 2.5 times the length of the meeting     (4F21)

[12:45] TerryLongstreth: Ken, if you're willing to train me, I'd help on the wiki.     (4F22)

[12:46] DavidBlevins: I could also help with the wiki     (4F23)

[12:47] JulitaBermejoAlonso: I can help with the wiki too. Transcript could be a bit more challenging for me.     (4F24)

[12:48] MikeBennett: I'm happy to assist with moderation but won't always be on hand.     (4F25)

[12:49] DavidBlevins: I can handle some of the transcripts, so long as we continue recording the conference calls     (4F26)

[12:49] DavidBlevins: re: wiki     (4F27)

[12:50] MikeBennett: Another activity is chasing up speakers and making sure they send in their stuff. Not sure if that's covered in the list. Ideally, make meeting organizers responsible for that but have 1 or 2 people from this group monitoring them.     (4F28)

[12:51] MikeBennett: Perhaps some automated calendar thing would help with that?     (4F29)

[12:52] ChristiKapp: @DavidBlevins - we can meet separately if you want on the chat transcripts. That is something Peter trained me how to do also     (4F30)

[12:53] DavidBlevins: ok     (4F31)

[12:53] ChristiKapp: But if you would like to make more formal minutes based on the recordings, that would be a new activity     (4F32)

[12:53] DavidBlevins: I was thinking minutes from the recordings     (4F33)

[12:53] JulitaBermejoAlonso: For the Wiki, we will be needing some permissions to create and to edit the pages.     (4F34)

[12:53] DavidBlevins: and somehow integrating them with the chat transcript     (4F35)

[12:54] MikeBennett: I don't have a login for the new wiki (does not use the old logins?)     (4F36)

[12:55] DavidBlevins: Last I checked, the registration functionality did not exist for the new (purple) wiki. Old account info doesn't seem to transfer over     (4F37)

[12:55] DavidBlevins: but that could just be me     (4F38)

[12:58] ChristiKapp: @DavidBlevins - It will be nice to have minutes along with the original transcript, so i am sure we can figure out a good process for it     (4F39)

[12:58] DavidBlevins: @ChristiKapp - Agreed. The technology exists. Definitely something worth discussing.     (4F40)

[13:05] KenBaclawski: We need a requirements document for the distributed or federation features.     (4F41)

[13:07] DavidBlevins: How do we plan on continuing these conversations after this call? I can't make calls on a regular basis, but think a great many of our points could be resolved through email, chat, or VOIP/calls during non-working hours     (4F42)

[13:07] DavidBlevins: resolved/discussed*     (4F43)

[13:08] KenBaclawski: This is not urgent.     (4F44)

[13:09] KenBaclawski: The migration to the new PSMW wiki is not yet complete, so there will be some accounts that have not been transferred.     (4F45)

[13:11] TerryLongstreth: re: requirements document - Terry to write to Gruninger, Mossakowski, Baclawski about availability, consistency and recovery across the three sites     (4F46)

[13:11] DavidBlevins: I do enjoy the idea of the semantic wiki federation     (4F47)

[13:12] DavidBlevins: Not committed to the idea. Just responding to the comment about a group of semantic wikis     (4F48)

[13:12] KenBaclawski: @David: I was not planning on having any more teleconferences for coordinating the volunteers, but this is something we can discuss.     (4F49)

[13:13] TerryLongstreth: re: federation - John Sowa has also expressed an interest     (4F50)

[13:13] DavidBlevins: @KenBaclawski - makes sense     (4F51)

[13:14] DavidBlevins: We could probably benefit from a more explicit volunteer process, or through task-specific calls for volunteers through the mailing list     (4F52)

[13:14] KenBaclawski: We need more volunteers, but this could be handled by having a call for volunteers as part of a regular meeting.     (4F53)

[13:20] ChristiKapp: It seems that in addition to all the tasks, Peter played the role of overall 'project manager' or 'facilitator' of the process that I documented for him. Will there be an overall 'owner' of the new process as well? That person could help consolidate tasks into a good cadence of meetings     (4F54)

[13:23] KenBaclawski: the procedures are at     (4F55)

[13:23] MikeBennett: Maybe once the processes are understood, the group maintains a calendar of the tasks that make up those processes, e.g. when there is a series of events on, and gently chase up the session chairs and so on on those dates     (4F56)

[13:23] DavidBlevins: I have to drop off the call for another meeting. I will check the transcript afterwords. @ChristiKapp: I will be in touch to discuss audio transcripts @KenBacklawksi: I will be in touch to discuss the integration of new semantic features     (4F57)

[13:23] ChristiKapp: The summit has an official "Team M" for management, but on the off-times, the role was filled by Peter. Maybe you could extend "Team M" throughout the year.     (4F58)

[13:24] MikeBennett: Team M sounds like a good approach.     (4F59)

[13:26] ChristiKapp: I was just going to volunteer for Team M also in some 'helping' capacity     (4F60)

[13:26] TerryLongstreth: Terry signing off... I'll watch the mailer for announcements.     (4F61)

[13:28] JulitaBermejoAlonso: I need to leave for a research project meeting. I will keep in touch regarding the wiki.     (4F62)

[13:29] ChristiKapp: == KenBaclawski adjourned the meeting     (4F63)