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Session Communique Editing
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time October 21 2020 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CEST
Convener Ken Baclawski


Agenda     (2A)

  • The Communiqué for the Ontology Summit 2020: Knowledge Graphs will be presented and the editing process will begin.     (2A1)
  • The first draft of the Communiqué is available for commenting and editing at     (2A2)

Conference Call Information     (2B)

Participants     (2C)

Discussion     (2D)

Soaphub     (2D1)

[11:54] DrRaviSharma: hi ken thanks for the Communique draft, just opening now     (2D1A)

[11:56] DrRaviSharma: All- the framework whence etc should appear as Logo or small icon in Communique?     (2D1B)

[12:06] DrRaviSharma1: we have agreed to search for similar image of tree that are not copyrighted     (2D1C)

[12:07] David Eddy: I formally object.. image should be either mobius strip or klein bottle ... no beginning & no end.     (2D1D)

[12:08] David Eddy: "reality" folds back onto itself     (2D1E)

[12:10] David Eddy: a granite eating fungus/lichen... excellent     (2D1F)

[12:11] David Eddy: drop the graphic issue for today... move on     (2D1G)

[12:11] David Eddy: logo is needed... but later     (2D1H)

[12:31] KenBaclawski: KG + KGI = KGS     (2D1J)

[12:33] DrRaviSharma: It was agreed that KG life cycle will also be distinguished in he communique     (2D1K)

[12:33] DrRaviSharma: KGI holds content of KG as does all infrastructure - Ravi's comment     (2D1L)

[12:36] DrRaviSharma: Ken- said KGs do not have deep schema!     (2D1M)

[12:38] ToddSchneider: The image, Figure 1, 'Architecture of a Knowledge Graph Infrastructure from [58]', does not appear in a downloaded copy of the communique draft.     (2D1N)

[12:38] DrRaviSharma: KGI with KG para last sentence is to be brought up.     (2D1O)

[12:40] ToddSchneider: Should the forum posts about the definition about the definition of a knowledge graph be made available (as a collection, time ordered) on the communique web site?     (2D1P)

[12:42] russell reinsch: Using KGs independent of reasoning: better integration, and the associated provenance, change semantics, and things for governance are included in the graph,     (2D1Q)

[12:42] russell reinsch: as opposed to being located outside of an rdbms     (2D1R)

[12:43] russell reinsch: provenance elements are part of the graph, not located elsewhere     (2D1S)

[12:43] russell reinsch: New data introduced with less effort.     (2D1T)

[12:44] russell reinsch: Handful of reasons why using them without reasoning or inference     (2D1U)

[12:46] DrRaviSharma: Ken - what about Category theiries and situational techniques for KG?     (2D1V)

[12:49] DrRaviSharma: we will add Financial- thanks     (2D1W)

[12:55] ToddSchneider: Add qualifying sentence to 'Challenges' table to indicate that there is more each of the items listed in 'Problem/Issue' column.     (2D1X)

[12:57] DrRaviSharma: we found financial in standards     (2D1Y)

[12:58] DrRaviSharma: Ram said we can say something about framework in the introduction as background....     (2D1Z)

[12:58] DrRaviSharma: Gary - great insights especially in Problems and issues areas?     (2D1AA)

[12:59] DrRaviSharma: Ontologies were not explicitly useful during summit even though their importance was recognized by everyone!     (2D1AB)

[12:59] DrRaviSharma: Gary mentioned parallel with Data ware houses     (2D1AC)

[13:00] ToddSchneider: "Lack of use of an ontology as the basis for a knowledge graph limits their usefulness, effectiveness and extensibility."     (2D1AD)

[13:01] ToddSchneider: Slight modification: "Lack of use of a well crafted ontology as the basis for a knowledge graph limits their usefulness, effectiveness and extensibility."     (2D1AE)

[13:05] DrRaviSharma: Gary sorry typo     (2D1AF)

[13:05] DrRaviSharma: next week final draft     (2D1AG)

[13:10] DrRaviSharma: attempting to copy from zoom chat     (2D1AH)

[12:08] RussellReinsch : more than one type of graph     (2D2A)

[12:08] RussellReinsch : hierarchic type     (2D2B)

[12:08] RussellReinsch : everything connected type     (2D2C)

[12:09] Ram Sriram : Thanks Russell     (2D2D)

[12:10] RussellReinsch : I would like to submit two ideas as substitutes for the tree diagram     (2D2E)

[12:10] RussellReinsch : that I can draft for the group to view     (2D2F)

[12:13] RussellReinsch : I can read it too     (2D2G)

[12:17] RussellReinsch : accessible for users     (2D2H)

[12:18] Alex Shkotin : Russell, try     (2D2I)

[12:20] RussellReinsch : Thanks A;ex     (2D2J)

[12:26] RussellReinsch : because we don't have full access yet     (2D2K)

[12:28] RussellReinsch : It was a pipeline but there was something about it that     (2D2L)

[12:28] RussellReinsch : was problematic for me     (2D2M)

[12:28] Alex Shkotin : Russell, it's better to use     (2D2N)

[12:29] Alex Shkotin : you are there :-)     (2D2O)

[12:33] RussellReinsch : @ Alex - OK     (2D2P)

[12:35] Alex Shkotin : but we have "If the chat room is not available, then use the Zoom chat room." :-)     (2D2Q)

[12:55] Brand Niemann : Thanks for letting me join. I will check back periodically.     (2D2R)

[13:09] Ravi Sharma : Alex, yes it is better to post here rather than loose the thought.     (2D2S)

[13:09] Alex Shkotin : :-)     (2D2T)

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