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Session Topic Discussion
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time October 7 2020 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CEST
Convener Ken Baclawski


Agenda     (2A)

Conference Call Information     (2B)

Participants     (2C)

Discussion     (2D)

[12:13] Gary: Ravi Sharma suggested - Add: Ravi will add the short list of problems that need to be addressed as we evolve creation and expand     (2D1)

[12:23] DrRaviSharma: Thanks, Gary, I introduced bullet point thoughts primarily addressing dynamic expansion, of KGs and how to focus on getting the users what they want in spite of expanding KGs     (2D2)

[12:30] Ken Baclawski:     (2D3)

Deadlines/Schedule:     (2D4)

  • 14 October: Finish the 4 wiki pages (content for the 4 parts)     (2D5)
  • 21 October: I will draft the communique by this date.     (2D6)
  • 21 October to 28 October: Review and edit the communique.     (2D7)

[12:32] DrRaviSharma1: Ken- thanks     (2D8)

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