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Session Topic Discussion
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time September 30 2020 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CEST
Convener Ken Baclawski


Agenda     (2A)

  • Continue discussion of the Communiqué for the Ontology Summit 2020: Knowledge Graphs     (2A1)

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[12:22] russell reinsch: Is Oct 14 due - - as date for internal review, or submission to external party     (2D1A)

[12:23] russell reinsch: Great. any continuation of work [by me] after the 14th     (2D1B)

[12:25] russell reinsch: Is there some potential to increase the collaboration level within the sub-doc group I am in     (2D1C)

[12:29] KenBaclawski: After 28 October will be reviewing of the communique. There will also be collaboration on the special issue papers, each of which is co-authored separately.     (2D1D)

[12:31] KenBaclawski: I can host zoom meetings between now and 14 October for the working groups. Let me know when you wish to meet.     (2D1F)

[12:43] DaveWhitten: So the UCUM work is the Unified Code for Units of Measure.     (2D1G)

[12:53] DaveWhitten: Godel's Completeness vs Godel's Incompleteness vs Godel's Independent     (2D1H)

[12:16] RussellReinsch : How are you     (2D2A)

[12:17] Ken Baclawski : I'm fine. Today people are just dropping in for a moment to give me any feedback on the communique development.     (2D2B)

[12:18] RussellReinsch : Ahh okay. Hey What     (2D2C)

[12:18] RussellReinsch : No mic     (2D2D)

[12:19] RussellReinsch : No microphone on this computer. I could switch to another computer if you like     (2D2E)

[12:19] RussellReinsch : quick question. The knowledge graph document I was working on, has a due date I asume     (2D2F)

[12:20] RussellReinsch : Yikes that's right away.     (2D2G)

[12:20] Ken Baclawski : Due date is October 14     (2D2H)

[12:21] RussellReinsch : is that date for internal review, or submit to external     (2D2I)

[12:22] RussellReinsch : party     (2D2J)

[12:24] RussellReinsch : Great. any continuation of work [by me] after the 14th     (2D2K)

[12:27] RussellReinsch : Ken - Is there much potential to increase the level of collaboration between the authors in the Problems with KG sub group     (2D2L)

[12:31] David Whitten : I was talking about     (2D2M)

[12:31] RussellReinsch : Whatever works, to motivate said collaboration. I want to participate and contribute text, but Im not much interested in working essentially in isolation     (2D2N)

[12:32] RussellReinsch : Yes     (2D2O)

[12:33] RussellReinsch : Problems with KG     (2D2P)

[12:39] David Whitten : It is nice to have a clean taxonomy-ontology, unfortunately it doesn't match reality.     (2D2Q)

[13:20] RussellReinsch : gotta run     (2D2R)

[13:20] RussellReinsch : ciao     (2D2S)

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