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Session Topic Discussion
Duration 1 hour
Date/Time August 14 2019 16:00 GMT
9:00am PDT/12:00pm EDT
5:00pm BST/6:00pm CEST
Convener Ken Baclawski


Agenda     (2A)

Discussion of the Summit Theme. The following is the first draft of the Summit Theme and Description:     (2A1)

Ontology Summit 2020: Knowledge Graphs     (2A2)

Knowledge graphs have emerged in the last few years to be an important semantic technology and research area. Some of the communities where KGs are relevant are Big Data, Linked Data, Open Knowledge Network, and many others. While closely related to other semantic technologies, KGs have some advantages for emerging applications. The theme of the summit is to examine KGs from a number of points of view ranging from low level representation and storage techniques to high level semantics, and from the vendors to the end users.     (2A3)

Rather than divide the Summit into tracks, the Summit will cover a number of relevant areas with a mix of individual speaker sessions and panel discussion sessions. The following are the relevant areas:     (2A4)

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