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OntologySummit Theme: Pre-Launch Planning Session - Thu 2016-01-28     (1)

Session Chair: MichaelGruninger (IAOA; U of Toronto)     (1A)

Topic: Pre-Launch Planning Session for OntologySummit2016     (1B)

  • Dial-in:     (1E4)
    • Phone (US): +1 (425) 440-5100 ... (long distance cost may apply)     (1E4A)
    • Skype: join.conference (i.e. make a skype call to the contact with skypeID="join.conference") ... (generally free-of-charge, when connecting from your computer ... ref.)     (1E4B)
      • when prompted enter Conference ID: 843758#     (1E4B1)
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        • Add the contact "join.conference" to your skype contact list first. To participate in the teleconference, make a skype call to "join.conference", then open the dial pad (see platform-specific instructions below) and enter the Conference ID: 843758# when prompted.     (1E4B2A)
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        • for Linux Skype users: please note that the dial-pad is only available on v4.1 (or later; or on the earlier Skype versions 2.x,) if the dialpad button is not shown in the call window you need to press the "d" hotkey to enable it. ... (ref.)     (1E4B3B)
    • instructions: once you got access to the page, click on the "settings" button, and identify yourself (by modifying the Name field from "anonymous" to your real name, like "JaneDoe").     (1E6A)
    • You can indicate that you want to ask a question verbally by clicking on the "hand" button, and wait for the moderator to call on you; or, type and send your question into the chat window at the bottom of the screen.     (1E6B)
    • thanks to the folks, one can now use a jabber/xmpp client (e.g. gtalk) to join this chatroom. Just add the room as a buddy - (in our case here) ... Handy for mobile devices!     (1E6C)
  • Discussions and Q & A:     (1E7)
    • Nominally, when a presentation is in progress, the moderator will mute everyone, except for the speaker.     (1E7A)
    • To un-mute, press "*7" ... To mute, press "*6" (please mute your phone, especially if you are in a noisy surrounding, or if you are introducing noise, echoes, etc. into the conference line.)     (1E7B)
    • we will usually save all questions and discussions till after all presentations are through. You are encouraged to jot down questions onto the chat-area in the mean time (that way, they get documented; and you might even get some answers in the interim, through the chat.)     (1E7C)
    • During the Q&A / discussion segment (when everyone is muted), If you want to speak or have questions or remarks to make, please raise your hand (virtually) by clicking on the "hand button" (lower right) on the chat session page. You may speak when acknowledged by the session moderator (again, press "*7" on your phone to un-mute). Test your voice and introduce yourself first before proceeding with your remarks, please. (Please remember to click on the "hand button" again (to lower your hand) and press "*6" on your phone to mute yourself after you are done speaking.)     (1E7D)
  • RSVP to with your affiliation appreciated, ... or simply just by adding yourself to the "Expected Attendee" list below (if you are a member of the community already.)     (1E9)
  • This session, like all other Ontolog events, is open to the public. Information relating to this session is shared on this wiki page.     (1E10)
  • Please note that this session may be recorded, and if so, the audio archive is expected to be made available as open content, along with the proceedings of the call to our community membership and the public at-large under our prevailing open IPR policy.     (1E11)

Attendees     (1F)

Abstract     (1G)

The OntologySummit is an annual series of events (first started by Ontolog and NIST in 2006) that involves the ontology community and communities related to each year's theme chosen for the summit. The Ontology Summit program is now co-organized by Ontolog, NIST, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA, NCO_NITRD along with the co-sponsorship of other organizations that are supportive of the Summit goals and objectives.     (1G1)

This year's theme is Semantic Integration.     (1G2)

See developing details on the next Summit's homepage at: OntologySummit2016     (1G3)

Agenda     (1H)

1. Finalize schedule for Ontology Summit 2016 (i.e. Tracks, sessions, Symposium)     (1H1)

2. Finalize agenda for Launch Session on February 4     (1H2)

3. Status of Track sessions     (1H3)

Proceedings     (1I)

[12:31] Ram D. Sriram: I guess we are waiting for Michael     (1I1)

[12:32] MichaelGruninger:     (1I2)

1. Finalize schedule for Ontology Summit 2016 (i.e. Tracks, sessions, Symposium)     (1I4)

2. Finalize agenda for Launch Session on February 4     (1I5)

3. Status of Track sessions     (1I6)

[12:32] Mark Underwood:     (1I7)

[12:34] Mark Underwood: Todd, are you OK being listed as a cochamp on the cloud services track? Since you're helping w/ the speaker recruitment.     (1I8)

[12:36] ToddSchneider: Mark, Hmm ....??? I'm not sure, mostly because I'm time constrained and wouldn't want to fail to meet expectations. I can help out part time. If part time is sufficient, then okay.     (1I9)

[12:37] Mark Underwood: Todd, no pressure. Would be great if u want to ask George Ball - we haven't settled on dates, as Donna notes     (1I10)

[12:39] ToddSchneider: Mark, I'll contact George Ball. His topic will be using semantic technologies for integrating engineering processes (or something like that).     (1I11)

[12:43] Mark Underwood: Todd, did you see a takeaway from the listserv that can guide what we "want" from the speakers? I didn't distill that, if that is even possible     (1I12)

[12:45] ToddSchneider: Will moving the start date impact the schedule devised at the last meeting?     (1I13)

[12:46] MichaelGruninger: Summing up discussion -- should we schedule the launch for February 11?     (1I14)

[12:47] MichaelGruninger: The panel session proposed by Donna would move to Feb 18     (1I15)

[12:49] Gary Berg-Cross:     (1I16)

[12:49] ToddSchneider:     (1I32)

[12:49] MichaelGruninger:     (1I47)

[12:51] Gary Berg-Cross: I've been thinking that March 24 Track X could be 2nd Geo/Earth Science topic or March 31 Track Y could be 2nd Geo/Earth Science topic     (1I62)

[12:54] Gary Berg-Cross: April 21 seems to be missing in this schedule.     (1I63)

[12:56] Donna Fritzsche: Summit Title: The Role of Ontologies within a Semantic Interoperability Framework. Session Title: Towards A Communication Framework - The Role of Ontologies within a Semantic Interoperability Framework     (1I64)

Date and Time: Thursday, Feb 11, 12:30 EST     (1I65)

Session Goal: Our goal is to create a common framework for discussing the role of ontologies within the Semantic Interoperability Ecosystem. Properapplicationof ontologies, related tools and functionality now play a central role in overcoming the problems of semanticheterogeneity. The goal of this session is to identify the broader context in which this application of ontologies occurs. Our goal is to build a common framework to characterize current & future requirements, functionality, measures, and best practices across domains. Future sessions will be industry-focused including: Medical/Pharma, Geosciences, Manufacturing and Finance.     (1I66)

Speaker Request: Prepare 4 7 slides that discuss ecosystem elements, processes, functionality, considerations and measures which shed light on or help to communicate the Semantic Interoperability Ecosystem to a broader? audience. We are specifically looking to characterize the role of ontologies within the Semantic Interoperability Framework. Several illustrative examples (positive or negative) would be welcome. This is an exploratory session.     (1I67)

[12:57] MichaelGruninger: New proposed schedule     (1I68)

[12:57] MichaelGruninger:     (1I69)

[12:58] MichaelGruninger: February 25: Earth Science     (1I84)

[12:58] MichaelGruninger: March 3: Healthcare     (1I85)

[12:58] ToddSchneider: Donna, did I hear correctly that your still looking for people for the panel discussion?     (1I86)

[12:59] MichaelGruninger: Revision: March 3: Cloud     (1I87)

[12:59] MichaelGruninger: March 10 Healthcare     (1I88)

[12:59] MikeBennett: Finance: We haven't discussed what dates we can do yet, but there are 3 of us so hopefully we can cover whatever dates we end up with.     (1I89)

[13:01] MichaelGruninger: March 17: Engineering?     (1I90)

[13:01] MichaelGruninger: March 24: Finance?     (1I91)

[13:02] Ram D. Sriram: I need to log off. I have another telecon right now.     (1I92)

[13:02] Mark Underwood: I misunderstood that. Engineering would be an implementation area - I guess I can work with that, but these verticals don't always further our mission unless they are given more direction     (1I93)

[13:03] LeoObrst: Does anyone want to help MikeBennett as co-champion of finance?     (1I94)

[13:04] MikeBennett: I have Andrea Westerinen and Bill Nichols to help but we haven't managed to meet yet. Other help always appreciate!     (1I95)

[13:04] MikeBennett: March 24 is good for Finance.     (1I96)

[13:04] MichaelGruninger: March 31: second session for Healthcare     (1I97)

[13:05] MichaelGruninger: April 7: second session for Earth Science     (1I98)

[13:05] MichaelGruninger: April 21: second session for Finance     (1I99)

[13:07] MikeBennett: April 21 should be OK for finance (I'm at a conference the preceding 2 days but this should be manageable).     (1I100)

[13:07] Mark Underwood: Did we capture those candidate names from Leo?     (1I101)

[13:08] MikeBennett: Indeed we could share some stuff from that conference (FIBO day at EDW).     (1I102)

[13:09] PatCassidy: Has Doug Lenat been contacted? He probably has some interesting insights from the Cleveland Clinic project.     (1I103)

[13:09] Donna Fritzsche: yes he would be good for a variety of things     (1I104)

[13:10] Donna Fritzsche: - but he has not ben contacted     (1I105)

[13:11] LeoObrst: I mentioned: Jon Bosack, who chaired the Universal Business Language (UBL) standard, from circa 2002 to just now when it was completed; Peter Benson of ECCMA and his standards work on UNSPSC and eOTD; Keith Campbell of the Veterans Administration, who has a project adopting and composing SNOMED-CT, LOINC and RxNorm. This aggregated set is known as SOLOR (SNOMED, LOINC and RxNorm).     (1I106)

[13:11] PatCassidy: If Bill Andersen doesn't want to participate, perhaps he can recommend someone from HighFleet.     (1I107)

[13:12] MichaelGruninger: Latest schedule:     (1I108)

[13:12] MichaelGruninger:     (1I109)

[13:13] PatCassidy: Anyone from TopQuadrant on the panel?     (1I124)

[13:14] Mark Underwood: Gary's plan is what I tried to do last year, but it's very hard to steer when just getting a spkr to show up is primary     (1I125)

[13:15] Donna Fritzsche: not yet - brad allen might have some insights, but TQ would be a good panel source - Dean Allemang?     (1I126)

[13:18] Mark Underwood: I agree in principal w/ J, but the slide count is not the best metric, e.g., you can use a heading slide that serves as an outline     (1I127)

[13:18] Mark Underwood: *principle     (1I128)

[13:19] Mark Underwood: Also, the slides aren't necessary viewed in real time since we don't have screen sharing - perhaps a guideline for speakers with ugestions is best     (1I129)

[13:20] Donna Fritzsche: 90 minutes or 120 minutes?     (1I130)

[13:20] Donna Fritzsche: I think 90 minutes is good     (1I131)

[13:21] Gary Berg-Cross: I'm for 120 minutes as in the past. More time for discusssion.     (1I132)

[13:21] Donna Fritzsche: how has 120 worked in the past? or both? is good..     (1I133)

[13:21] MichaelGruninger: @MArkUnderwood -- we do have screen sharing capability     (1I134)

[13:21] Gary Berg-Cross: We have had times in the past where a speaker couldn't make it unexpectedly so we ended a bit early.     (1I135)

[13:23] ToddSchneider: So, we'll leave the individual sessions the flexibility to determine their length?     (1I136)

[13:26] Mark Underwood: I like "stay tuned"     (1I137)

[13:27] Mark Underwood: +1 Gary 120min     (1I138)

[13:29] ToddSchneider: Have to go. Cheers.     (1I139)

[13:31] MichaelGruninger: I will contact Sowa and Barry for the panel     (1I140)

[13:31] Donna Fritzsche: Donna will contact Brad     (1I141)

[13:35] Gary Berg-Cross: I contacted Jano during the call and he is good and confirmed for the panal on the 18th (9:30 PST).     (1I142)

[13:35] Donna Fritzsche: jano - full nam?     (1I143)

[13:36] Donna Fritzsche: nevermind     (1I144)