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OntologySummit Organizing Committee Meeting - Thu 2015-01-09     (1)

Session Co-chairs: MichaelGruninger (IAOA; U of Toronto)     (1A)

Topic: Planning Session for the OntologySummit2015     (1B)

  • Dial-in:     (1K4)
    • Phone (US): +1 (425) 440-5100 ... (long distance cost may apply)     (1K4A)
    • Skype: join.conference (i.e. make a skype call to the contact with skypeID="join.conference") ... (generally free-of-charge, when connecting from your computer ... ref.)     (1K4B)
      • when prompted enter Conference ID: 843758#     (1K4B1)
      • Unfamiliar with how to do this on Skype? ...     (1K4B2)
        • Add the contact "join.conference" to your skype contact list first. To participate in the teleconference, make a skype call to "join.conference", then open the dial pad (see platform-specific instructions below) and enter the Conference ID: 843758# when prompted.     (1K4B2A)
      • Can't find Skype Dial pad? ...     (1K4B3)
        • for Windows Skype users: Can't find Skype Dial pad? ... it's under the "Call" dropdown menu as "Show Dial pad"     (1K4B3A)
        • for Linux Skype users: please note that the dial-pad is only available on v4.1 (or later; or on the earlier Skype versions 2.x,) if the dialpad button is not shown in the call window you need to press the "d" hotkey to enable it. ... (ref.)     (1K4B3B)
    • instructions: once you got access to the page, click on the "settings" button, and identify yourself (by modifying the Name field from "anonymous" to your real name, like "JaneDoe").     (1K6A)
    • You can indicate that you want to ask a question verbally by clicking on the "hand" button, and wait for the moderator to call on you; or, type and send your question into the chat window at the bottom of the screen.     (1K6B)
    • thanks to the folks, one can now use a jabber/xmpp client (e.g. gtalk) to join this chatroom. Just add the room as a buddy - (in our case here) ... Handy for mobile devices!     (1K6C)
  • Discussions and Q & A:     (1K7)
    • Nominally, when a presentation is in progress, the moderator will mute everyone, except for the speaker.     (1K7A)
    • To un-mute, press "*7" ... To mute, press "*6" (please mute your phone, especially if you are in a noisy surrounding, or if you are introducing noise, echoes, etc. into the conference line.)     (1K7B)
    • we will usually save all questions and discussions till after all presentations are through. You are encouraged to jot down questions onto the chat-area in the mean time (that way, they get documented; and you might even get some answers in the interim, through the chat.)     (1K7C)
    • During the Q&A / discussion segment (when everyone is muted), If you want to speak or have questions or remarks to make, please raise your hand (virtually) by clicking on the "hand button" (lower right) on the chat session page. You may speak when acknowledged by the session moderator (again, press "*7" on your phone to un-mute). Test your voice and introduce yourself first before proceeding with your remarks, please. (Please remember to click on the "hand button" again (to lower your hand) and press "*6" on your phone to mute yourself after you are done speaking.)     (1K7D)
  • RSVP to with your affiliation appreciated, ... or simply just by adding yourself to the "Expected Attendee" list below (if you are a member of the community already.)     (1K9)
  • Please note that this session may be recorded, and if so, the audio archive is expected to be made available as open content, along with the proceedings of the call to our community membership and the public at-large under our prevailing open IPR policy.     (1K11)

Attendees     (1L)

[08:10] Michael Grüninger: Here are the instructions from the InstantTeleseminar     (1M1)

While on the phone, all attendees (hosts and guests) can use these commands. 
Press the STAR key on your phone, then the number. 
*0 - Tells the caller what commands they can use. 
*2 - Raises or lowers the caller's "hand" in the 'Who's On' page. 
*3 - Decreases the caller's microphone volume - in case they are too loud. 
*4 - Increases the caller's microphone volume - in case they are too quiet. 
*5 - IF a local call-in number is available, inform the user of that number. 
*6 - Mutes the caller. 
*7 - Unmutes the caller.

Additional Host-Only Phone Controls 
99 - "Interactive mode" (all guests are unmuted, but can use *6 to mute). 
## - "Lecture mode" (all guests are muted, but can use *2 to raise a hand). 
88 - "Q & A mode" (all guests are muted, but can use *7 to unmute). 
*# - Tells that host how many people are on the call.

[08:14] Michael Grüninger: Review of Recent Sessions     (1M17)

[08:14] Michael Grüninger: Attendance averaging 40-50 people     (1M18)

[08:16] Michael Grüninger: Yesterday's session was plagued by technical problems, particularly with Skype     (1M19)

[08:16] Michael Grüninger: Some of the commands for the conference bridge (e.g. *7) were not working     (1M20)

[08:17] Michael Grüninger: The conference bridge currently supports 100 people on the line     (1M21)

[08:18] Michael Grüninger: I can contact InstantTeleseminar about the issue with key commands for muting     (1M22)

[08:19] Michael Grüninger: Twitter seems active during the session     (1M23)

[08:20] Michael Grüninger: The Track co-champions are supposed to manage each session     (1M24)

[08:20] Matthew West: Perhaps the session chair should log in as host.     (1M25)

[08:21] Michael Grüninger: @MatthewWest; the session chairs ARE logged in as host     (1M26)

[08:21] Mark Underwood: Agree - s/b the Track champs     (1M27)

[08:23] Mark Underwood: There was a request for doc for speakers on the web page (I think Peter provided it); another one could provide guidance for the track champ responsibilities     (1M28)

[08:23] Matthew West: It would be kind to provide a cheat sheet for how to use the the bridge (mute and unmute etc).     (1M29)

[08:26] Michael Grüninger: I will email the host-only control commands (see above) to the Organizing Committee list     (1M30)

[08:26] Michael Grüninger: I will make sure that each week, the Track co-champions know the host codes     (1M31)

[08:27] Matthew West: I think it is worth considering splitting the host and chair roles. Hosting the call is quite an additional workload when you are trying to chair.     (1M32)

[08:27] Mark Underwood: Maybe a standard spiel for the track champs to recite at the top of each track would help     (1M33)

[08:27] Matthew West: Not just the host code, but also the cheat sheet for commands.     (1M34)

[08:28] Matthew West: Perhaps one track co-champ hosts, the other chairs.     (1M35)

[08:30] Michael Grüninger: We will ask Torsten and Gary to re-record the first few minutes which were lost yesterday     (1M36)

[08:31] Michael Grüninger: Kudos to Ken for managing the recordings     (1M37)

[08:32] Mark Underwood: +1 Ken thanks     (1M38)

[08:34] Michael Grüninger: I will ask InstantTeleseminar if there is a way of getting the host of a call to access the webpage control panel     (1M39)

[08:36] Michael Grüninger: without accessing account information     (1M40)

[08:37] Michael Grüninger: Status Reports from Track co-champions     (1M41)

[08:37] Michael Grüninger: Track A: three people scheduled for the next session     (1M42)

[08:39] Michael Grüninger: but still waiting for final confirmation and slides from two of the speakers     (1M43)

[08:40] Leo Obrst: Track A: Thurs, Feb. 5:     (1M44)

'Steve Ray' steve.ray [at];
'Payam Barnaghi' p.barnaghi [at];
'Jack Hodges' jack.hodges.ext [at]

[08:40] Terry Longstreth: BTW: today's meeting page has yesterday's title     (1M45)

[08:40] Michael Grüninger: All meeting pages for the first round have been created; I will finish setting up the rest     (1M46)

[08:41] Michael Grüninger: Track B: skip, since Torsten and Gary are not here     (1M47)

[08:42] Michael Grüninger: Track C: Joe Kopena, Adrian Paschke, Michael Gruninger, Ken Baclawski are lined up for Feb 12     (1M48)

[08:42] Michael Grüninger: Track C: March 19, we have three speakers already confirmed, plus another situation awareness speaker (invited by Ken)     (1M49)

[08:43] Michael Grüninger: I will ask Mike Bennett to be the chair of the first session     (1M50)

[08:43] Michael Grüninger: Track D: One confirmed speaker for the second session     (1M51)

[08:46] Leo Obrst: Peter P. Yim and also reminded me that Joe Kopena has volunteered to help on the web pages.     (1M52)

[08:47] Michael Grüninger: General info for presenters -- provide at least a PDF copy of the presentation, and make sure that slides do not contravene the Ontolog IP policy     (1M53)

Track B, March 5, according to Torsten: 
Barry Smith (U. Buffalo): 
 Ontology of Sensors; 
Jean-Paul Calbimonte (Univ. of Lausanne): 
 Ontology-based Access to Sensor Data Stream; 
Charles Vardeman, II (Notre Dame): 
 Observations and Measurements; 
Torsten Hahmann/Silvia Nittel (Univ. of Maine): 
 Understanding Group Activities from Movement Sensor Data (also very preliminary work)

[08:48] Terry Longstreth: If proprietary markings slip through, then ask presenter to follow up with a free disclosure statement.     (1M55)

[08:49] Michael Grüninger: Include these notes in the Speaker's logistics notes on the meeting page     (1M57)

[08:51] Leo Obrst: We could also ask Naicong Li if we want web page support. She did much for the IAOA SWAO SIG.     (1M58)

[08:51] Michael Grüninger: Will we have a Hackathon?     (1M59)

[08:52] Michael Grüninger: There are lots of possibilities and opportunities for hackathon projects, but we need someone to organize and lead the process     (1M60)

[08:52] Terry Longstreth: Do we know what a hackathon would accomplish?     (1M61)

[08:52] Michael Grüninger: Leo Obrst: send out an invitation to lists for someone to be the Hackathon Chair     (1M62)

[08:53] Michael Grüninger: Also send out invitation for participants in a Hackathon     (1M63)

[08:54] Michael Grüninger: Symposium Co-Chair     (1M64)

[08:54] Michael Grüninger: Ram had someone in mind, but there has been no confirmation     (1M65)

[08:55] Michael Grüninger: Leo Obrst: Find someone from W3C/IoT to be Symposium co-chair?     (1M66)

[08:56] Michael Grüninger: I think that this would be a good idea for a keynote speaker, but perhaps not co-chair     (1M67)

[08:57] Ken Baclawski: I have to go to another meeting, so I need to leave.     (1M68)

[08:58] Michael Grüninger: Offline action item for Organizing Committee: Please think of someone who can be the Symposium co-chair     (1M69)

[08:59] Michael Grüninger: Joe Kopena et al have agreed to design the Summit website this year     (1M70)

[08:59] Mark Underwood: Will want to coordinate the web site design with PR - potentially important for me, if not others     (1M71)

[09:00] Matthew West: Just to let you know, I added the following to the On Sum Org. list:     (1M72)

Barry Smith phismith [at] 
Mark Musen musen [at]
Pat Cassidy cassidy [at]
Steve Ray steveraysteveray [at]
Frank Olken frankolken [at]
Christi Kapp artsybiker1 [at]
Joe Kopena tjkopena [at]
Joel Bender jjb5 [at]

[09:00] Todd Schneider: Strawn [at]     (1M73)

[09:04] Leo Obrst: Good, thanks, Matthew.     (1M74)