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Ontology Summit 2014 session-15: Final Symposium preparation and logistics - Thu 2014-04-24     (1)

  • Summit Theme: OntologySummit2014: "Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology"     (1A)
  • Session Topic: Final pre-symposium preparation and review     (1B)
  • Session Co-chairs: Dr. RamSriram (NIST) & Professor TimFinin (UMBC)     (1C)

  • Dial-in:     (1D7D)
    • Phone (US): +1 (206) 402-0100 ... when prompted enter Conference ID: 141184# ... (long distance cost may apply)     (1D7D1)
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Attendees     (1E)

Abstract     (1F)

OntologySummit2014 Session-15: "Final pre-symposium preparation and review" - materials     (1F1)

This is our 9th Ontology Summit, a joint initiative by Ontolog, NIST, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA & NCO_NITRD with the support of our co-sponsors.     (1F2)

Since the beginnings of the Semantic Web, ontologies have played key roles in the design and deployment of new semantic technologies. Yet over the years, the level of collaboration between the Semantic Web and Applied Ontology communities has been much less than expected. Within Big Data applications, ontologies appear to have had little impact.     (1F3)

This year's Ontology Summit is an opportunity for building bridges between the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Big Data, and Applied Ontology communities. On the one hand, the Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Big Data communities can bring a wide array of real problems (such as performance and scalability challenges and the variety problem in Big Data) and technologies (automated reasoning tools) that can make use of ontologies. On the other hand, the Applied Ontology community can bring a large body of common reusable content (ontologies) and ontological analysis techniques. Identifying and overcoming ontology engineering bottlenecks is critical for all communities.     (1F4)

Ontology Summit 2014 will pose and address the primary challenges in these areas of interaction among the different communities. The Summit activities will bring together insights and methods from these different communities, synthesize new insights, and disseminate knowledge across field boundaries.     (1F5)

At the Launch Event on 16 Jan 2014, the organizing team has provided an overview of the program, and how we will be framing the discourse - namely, to pursue that along four different content tracks that address different aspects of the issue at hand.     (1F6)

In this 15th community session of the Summit, the last of the virtual sessions, we will do a final review on everything, and prepare ourselves for the OntologySummit2013_Symposium, the two-day face-to-face event hosted by the NCO_NITRD at NSF (Metropolitan Washington D.C., USA) on April 28 & 29 (i.e. next Monday and Tuesday) which this Summit will culminate in.     (1F7)

More details about this Ontology Summit is available at: OntologySummit2014 (homepage for this summit)     (1F8)

Agenda     (1G)

OntologySummit2014 - Virtual Session-15     (1G1)

  • Session Format: this is a virtual session conducted over an augmented conference call     (1G2)

Proceedings     (1H)

Please refer to the above     (1H1)

IM Chat Transcript captured during the session    (1H2)

see raw transcript here.     (1H2A)

(for better clarity, the version below is a re-organized and lightly edited chat-transcript.)     (1H2B)

Participants are welcome to make light edits to their own contributions as they see fit.     (1H2C)

-- begin in-session chat-transcript --     (1H2D)

Chat transcript from room: summit_20140424     (1H2E)

2014-04-24 GMT-08:00 [PDT]     (1H2F)

[9:24] Peter P. Yim: Welcome to the     (1H2G)

Ontology Summit 2014 session-15: Final Symposium preparation and logistics - Thu 2014-04-24     (1H2H)

Summit Theme: Ontology Summit 2014: "Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology"     (1H2I)

Session Topic: Final pre-symposium preparation and review     (1H2J)

Session Co-chairs: Dr. Ram D. Sriram (NIST) & Professor Tim Finin (UMBC)     (1H2K)

2. Review of symposium agenda and status of preparation - symposium co-chairs and all speakers     (1H2N)

3. Q & A and open discussion relating to the symposium (agenda, presentation prep, logistics, BOF sessions, ...) - All     (1H2O)

4. Q & A and open discussion relating to the any other pertinent issues (Communique, get togethers, ...) - All     (1H2P)

5. Status review / Follow-up actions - (co-chairs)     (1H2Q)

6. Announcements / Wrap Up - (co-chairs)     (1H2R)

Logistics:     (1H2S)

  • (if you haven't already done so) please click on "settings" (top center) and morph from "anonymous" to your RealName; also please enable "Show timestamps" while there.     (1H2U)
  • Mute control (phone keypad): *7 to un-mute ... *6 to mute     (1H2V)

(i.e. even if it says it is "offline," you should still be able to connect to it.)     (1H2Y)

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VoIP line, etc.) either your phone, skype-out or google-voice and call the US dial-in number: +1 (206) 402-0100     (1H2AA)

... when prompted enter Conference ID: 141184#     (1H2AB)

  • when posting in this Chat-room, kindly observe the following ...     (1H2AF)
    • whenever a name is used, please use the full WikiWord name format (every time you don't, some volunteer will have to make an edit afterwards)     (1H2AG1)
    • always provide context (like: "[ref. JaneDoe's slide#12], I think the point about context is great" ... rather than "that's great!"     (1H2AH1)

as the latter would mean very little in the archives.)     (1H2AI)

the timestamp (in PST) of his/her post that you are responding to (e.g. "@JaneDoe [11:09] - I agree, but, ...")     (1H2AK)

    • use fully qualified url's (include http:// ) without symbols (like punctuations or parentheses, etc.) right before of after that URL     (1H2AL1)

proceedings     (1H2AP)

[9:37] Peter P. Yim: == Tim Finin & Ram D. Sriram starts the session on behalf of the co-chairs ...     (1H2AQ)

[9:33] Tim Finin: Some items for today...     (1H2AR)

[] We need to decide on the refreshments and get them ordered from the caterer (Geppetto) today. Who     (1H2AS)

will order (Angela Carter?). Maybe we should go with coffee for 85 people and snacks for 60 in the     (1H2AT)

morning. We need to see what money we have promised. I'm unsure how we arrange for the payments,     (1H2AU)

given the several sponsors.     (1H2AV)

[] We need to review what slides have been submitted and ping for those outstanding/     (1H2AW)

[] We should have someone identified to introduce each invited speaker and put their name on the     (1H2AX)

[] we may want to note on the agenda which presentations will be done remotely, if only to avoid     (1H2AZ)

confusion.     (1H2AAA)

[] Let's go with The Front Page (4201 Wilson Boulevard) for the dinner. Someone needs to make an     (1H2AAB)

initial reservation for 20-25 people at 6:30. Who will make reservation and by when (e.g., Friday?).     (1H2AAC)

We should have a sign-up sheet or form onsite for people to use so we can note any change in the     (1H2AAD)

number to convey to the restaurant.     (1H2AAE)

[] we can use one or two more panelists. I guess I'll remove carol bean, so we only have four, even     (1H2AAF)

with me. Need to get Mike Gruninger to send panelists the questions by Friday.     (1H2AAG)

[] Ram and Tim may want to have at least one slide for the opening and for the closing remarks. Send     (1H2AAH)

to Peter Yim?     (1H2AAI)

[] we may want to let online participants know that they can suggest a BOF session for the end of     (1H2AAJ)

day 2. They could send a design to organize one (title, organizers) to finin[at]     (1H2AAK)

[] Participants who are in Arlington Sunday evening and interested in joining up for a pre-symposium     (1H2AAL)

dinner can meet at the lobby of the Westin Arlington Gateway (the conference hotel) at 7:00pm.     (1H2AAM)

[9:37] Mark Fox: I forgot to mention that I have to leave at 1:30pm EDT.     (1H2AAN)

[9:40] Peter P. Yim: ALL: please capture pertinent details into the chat-board for the record     (1H2AAO)

[9:42] anonymous morphed into Lamar Henderson     (1H2AAP)

[9:45] Mark Fox: I'll sponsor donuts from costco for Tuesday afternoon.     (1H2AAQ)

[9:46] Ram D. Sriram: I can get bars and drinks for Monday afternoon     (1H2AAR)

[9:49] Mark Fox: Can you create a sheet that identifies each time period to sponsor, what is being     (1H2AAS)

provided, who the sponsor is, who is providing the food, and what is the cost.     (1H2AAT)

[9:54] Leo Obrst: Yes, we don't want to end up duplicating breakfast/afternoon snack material and     (1H2AAU)

[9:55] Michael Grüninger: It looks like there is a Costco in Pentagon City     (1H2AAW)

[9:56] Mark Fox: What is being provided for breakfast?     (1H2AAX)

[9:58] Leo Obrst: Here's the estimate from Amanda's (Tuesday) email:     (1H2AAY)

>> For estimates: serving 66 people     (1H2AAZ)

>> * breakfast-snack (w/ coffee-tea) - $1200 per day     (1H2AAAA)

>> * coffee-tea - $300 per serving (say day-1 morning, or Day-2 afternoon, etc.)     (1H2AAAB)

[9:58] Mark Fox: What is the snack?     (1H2AAAC)

[9:59] Mark Fox: Starbucks delivers.     (1H2AAAD)

[9:59] Leo Obrst: I don't know the definition of "snack" here.     (1H2AAAE)

[10:01] Mark Fox: I agree with Ram, have caterer supply coffee, we can get the rest.     (1H2AAAF)

[10:02] Amanda Vizedom: @MarkFox what is your email - I will send you the Caterer's specs     (1H2AAAG)

[10:02] Mark Fox: msf[at]     (1H2AAAH)

[10:04] Leo Obrst: [re. Opening] We (Michael & I) still will supply a short couple of slides.     (1H2AAAI)

[10:05] Christoph Lange: I will finish the Track B slides in the hours after this call.     (1H2AAAJ)

[10:05] Mike Bennett: I will complete the slides for the Reuse hackathon today.     (1H2AAAK)

[10:07] anonymous morphed into Francesca Quattri     (1H2AAAL)

[10:07] Francesca Quattri: Hi All, sorry for being late     (1H2AAAM)

[10:09] Peter P. Yim: [action] Peter P. Yim to label all presentations that will be made remotely     (1H2AAAN)

[10:10] Marcela Vegetti: Hi! Sorry for my late join.     (1H2AAAO)

[10:14] Matthew West: [ref. Peter's question to those who were here in previous years whether they     (1H2AAAP)

remember how many people were at the group dinner] I don't recall     (1H2AAAQ)

[10:14] Mike Bennett: @Peter can't remember re dinner numbers. We had at least a couple of tables     (1H2AAAR)

upstairs at the Dogfish. Not sure it was as any as 25.     (1H2AAAS)

[10:27] Peter P. Yim: @MatthewWest, @MikeBennett, thanks anyway.     (1H2AAAT)

[10:21] Peter P. Yim: [action] Tim Finin will make reservation for the group dinner on Day-1 ... and then     (1H2AAAU)

setup a doodle poll (which will be sent out to the [ontology-summit] list to get some feedback and estimates     (1H2AAAV)

[10:22] Michael Grüninger: Proposed Questions for Panelists:     (1H2AAAW)

  • What are the biggest opportunities for applying ontologies to Semantic Web and Big Data problems?     (1H2AAAX)
  • Is there any low-hanging fruit? If not, what additional work needs to be done by the Applied Ontology community?     (1H2AAAY)
  • Are there any key features/requirements of Semantic Web and Big Data applications which are being     (1H2AAAZ)

ignored or downplayed by the Applied Ontology community?     (1H2AAAAA)

  • What differences in priorities and perspectives are preventing more collaboration among the     (1H2AAAAB)

Applied Ontology, Semantic Web, and Big Data communities?     (1H2AAAAC)

[10:17] Leo Obrst: [re. availability as a panelist] Can we confirm with CarolBean?     (1H2AAAAD)

[10:24] Peter P. Yim: [action] Michael Grüninger will call Carol Bean about her availability on the day-2 panel     (1H2AAAAE)

[10:29] Mike Bennett: [@TimFinin on the FIBO BOF] And yes FIBO is pronounced Fye'boh not Fee'boh.     (1H2AAAAF)

[10:32] Tim Finin: fye'boh. Thanks!     (1H2AAAAG)

[10:32] Amanda Vizedom: Note about refreshment gaps: No afternoon coffee break is scheduled, and     (1H2AAAAH)

lunch is on the late side, so lack of sponsored afternoon refreshments is not so conspicuous.     (1H2AAAAI)

[10:33] Peter P. Yim: [action] Ram D. Sriram - when sending email to Angela Carter and Fouad Ramia ref     (1H2AAAAJ)

wifi connections, please remind them we need two wired Internet connections too (ask if we would     (1H2AAAAK)

need special credentials to access those ports on the table)     (1H2AAAAL)

[10:34] Mark Fox: I have to go. See you all Monday.     (1H2AAAAM)

[10:34] Peter P. Yim: see you then, Mark!     (1H2AAAAN)

[10:36] Peter P. Yim: [consensus] Michael Grüninger and Leo Obrst will be co-chairs for the day-2 panel     (1H2AAAAO)

[10:37] Peter P. Yim: great session!     (1H2AAAAP)

[10:37] Peter P. Yim: -- session ended: 10:33am PDT --     (1H2AAAAQ)

-- end of in-session chat-transcript --     (1H2AAAAR)

  • Further Question & Remarks - please post them to the [ ontology-summit ] listserv     (1H2AAAAS)
    • all subscribers to the previous summit discussion, and all who responded to today's call will automatically be subscribed to the [ ontology-summit ] listserv     (1H2AAAAS1)
    • if you are already subscribed, post to <ontology-summit [at]>     (1H2AAAAS2)
    • (if you are not yet subscribed) you may subscribe yourself to the [ ontology-summit ] listserv, by sending a blank email to <ontology-summit-join [at]> from your subscribing email address, and then follow the instructions you receive back from the mailing list system.     (1H2AAAAS3)
    • (in case you aren't already a member) you may also want to join the ONTOLOG community and be subscribed to the [ ontolog-forum ] listserv, when general ontology-related topics (not specific to this year's Summit theme) are discussed. Please refer to Ontolog membership details at:     (1H2AAAAS4)

Additional Resources     (1I)

For the record ...     (1I10)

How To Join (while the session is in progress)     (1J)

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