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Ontology Summit 2014 Launch Event - Thu 2014-01-16     (1)

  • Summit Theme: OntologySummit2014: "Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology"     (1A)

Abstract: Goals & Objectives     (1H)

OntologySummit2014 Theme: "Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology"     (1H1)

This is our 9th Ontology Summit, a joint initiative by NIST, Ontolog, NCOR, NCBO, IAOA & NCO_NITRD with the support of our co-sponsors.     (1H2)

Since the beginnings of the Semantic Web, ontologies have played key roles in the design and deployment of new semantic technologies. Yet over the years, the level of collaboration between the Semantic Web and Applied Ontology communities has been much less than expected. Within Big Data applications, ontologies appear to have had little impact.     (1H3)

This year's Ontology Summit is an opportunity for building bridges between the Semantic Web, Linked Data, Big Data, and Applied Ontology communities. On the one hand, the Semantic Web, Linked Data, and Big Data communities can bring a wide array of real problems (such as performance and scalability challenges and the variety problem in Big Data) and technologies (automated reasoning tools) that can make use of ontologies. On the other hand, the Applied Ontology community can bring a large body of common reusable content (ontologies) and ontological analysis techniques. Identifying and overcoming ontology engineering bottlenecks is critical for all communities.     (1H4)

Ontology Summit 2014 will pose and address the primary challenges in these areas of interaction among the different communities. The Summit activities will bring together insights and methods from these different communities, synthesize new insights, and disseminate knowledge across field boundaries.     (1H5)

Following earlier Ontology Summit practice, the synthesized results of this season's discourse will be published as a Communique.     (1H6)

See developing details at: OntologySummit2014 (homepage for this summit)     (1H7)

Agenda     (1I)

Ontology Summit 2014 Launch     (1I1)

  • Session Format: this is a virtual session conducted over an augmented conference call - [ slides ]     (1I2)

Proceedings     (1J)

Please refer to the above     (1J1)

IM Chat Transcript captured during the session    (1J2)

see raw transcript here.     (1J2A)

(for better clarity, the version below is a re-organized and lightly edited chat-transcript.)     (1J2B)

Participants are welcome to make light edits to their own contributions as they see fit.     (1J2C)

-- begin in-session chat-transcript --     (1J2D)

Chat transcript from room: summit_20140116     (1J2E)

2014-01-16 GMT-08:00 [PST]     (1J2F)

[8:54] Peter P. Yim: Welcome to the     (1J2G)

Ontology Summit 2014 Launch Event - Thu 2014-01-16     (1J2H)

Summit Theme: Ontology Summit 2014: "Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology" (427U)     (1J2I)

Summit General Co-chairs: Professor Michael Grüninger & Dr. Leo Obrst     (1J2J)

Symposium Co-chairs - Dr. Ram D. Sriram & Professor Tim Finin     (1J2K)

Opening remarks from the leadership of the Ontology Summit co-organizers:     (1J2L)

Introducing our Champions and the Ontology Summit 2014 program:     (1J2S)

  • Team R: Public Relations (includes Sponsor Relations & Website Development) - Co-champions: ___, Professor Marcela Vegetti, ..., (Dr. MatthewWest)     (1J2AA)

Logistics:     (1J2AC)

  • (if you haven't already done so) please click on "settings" (top center) and morph from "anonymous" to your RealName     (1J2AE)

(i.e. even if it says it is "offline," you should still be able to connect to it.)     (1J2AI)

VoIP line, etc.) either your phone, skype-out or google-voice and call the US dial-in number: +1 (206) 402-0100     (1J2AK)

... when prompted enter Conference ID: 141184#     (1J2AL)

Tom Tinsley, TonySeale, Veruska Zamborlini, Victor Agroskin, Zhili, anonymous, uams-dbmi, wtm,     (1J2AAA)

proceedings     (1J2AAB)

[9:18] anonymous1 morphed into Marcia Zeng     (1J2AAC)

[9:19] Peter P. Yim: Hello Marcia ... thanks for joining us today     (1J2AAD)

[9:20] anonymous1 morphed into DanMcShan     (1J2AAF)

[9:21] Ed Bernot: Good day!     (1J2AAG)

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[9:27] anonymous1 morphed into Sunday Ojo     (1J2AAK)

[9:29] Sunday Ojo: I am Prof Sunday Ojo, Executive Dean of faculty of ICT, Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa     (1J2AAL)

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[9:31] Amanda Vizedom: Folks on the call: if you aren't actively talking, it would help if you would     (1J2AAS)

mute yourself locally. We're getting lots of background sounds.     (1J2AAT)

[9:31] anonymous5 morphed into DanGant     (1J2AAU)

[9:31] Joel Sachs: shouldn't have happened. messages out of order.     (1J2AAV)

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[9:32] Mike Bennett: I have to leave at 2pm Eastern US Time FYI.     (1J2AAAB)

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[9:34] Peter P. Yim: == Professor Michael Grüninger & Dr. Leo Obrst starts the session ...     (1J2AAAS)

[9:36] Peter P. Yim: Dr. Leo Obrst presenting an overview of the Summit and agenda of this session see     (1J2AAAT)

[9:36] anonymous2 morphed into ElieAbiLahoud     (1J2AAAV)

[9:37] anonymous1 morphed into Dan Brickley     (1J2AAAW)

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[9:44] anonymous3 morphed into Dan Carey     (1J2AAAAF)

[9:47] Peter P. Yim: == Remarks from the leadership of our co-organizers ...     (1J2AAAAG)

[9:49] Peter P. Yim: briefs from George Strawn (NCO_NITRD), Ram D. Sriram (NIST), Michael Grüninger (IAOA),     (1J2AAAAH)

Mark Musen (NCBO), Barry Smith (NCOR), Peter P. Yim (ONTOLOG) [9:50] anonymous morphed into Matthew Lange     (1J2AAAAI)

[9:56] anonymous morphed into Tim Finin     (1J2AAAAJ)

[10:01] anonymous morphed into Barry Smith     (1J2AAAAK)

[9:59] Dennis Wisnosky: How many members are in IAOA?     (1J2AAAAL)

[10:02] Frank Loebe: @DennisWisnosky: Hi, it's ca. 150 members usually, often extending in years of     (1J2AAAAM)

IAOA's flagship conference FOIS to more than 200     (1J2AAAAN)

[10:07] anonymous morphed into Natalie Meyers     (1J2AAAAO)

[10:08] anonymous morphed into Ken Allgood     (1J2AAAAP)

[10:19] anonymous morphed into Pavithra Kenjige     (1J2AAAAQ)

[10:23] Peter P. Yim: == Introducing the Champions and the Ontology Summit 2014 program ...     (1J2AAAAR)

[10:23] anonymous morphed into Liana Kiff     (1J2AAAAS)

[10:30] Juan Gomez-Romero morphed into JuanGomezRomero     (1J2AAAAT)

[10:36] GaryBergCross: Note, for the 2nd session of track A Content Reuse, John Sowa has agreed to be a speaker.     (1J2AAAAU)

[10:36] Mike Bennett: @Gary great!     (1J2AAAAV)

[10:37] GaryBergCross: On the site the Track A references have links to pages and documents.     (1J2AAAAW)

[10:36] anonymous morphed into Lamar Henderson     (1J2AAAAX)

[10:36] Dan Brickley: does anyone have VNC working on OSX?     (1J2AAAAY)

[10:47] Peter P. Yim: @DanBrickley ... yes, I have vnc working on my Macbook Air ... I have been     (1J2AAAAZ)

successfully using "Chicken of the VNC (cotvnc)" as my vnc client there (     (1J2AAAAAA)

[10:48] Peter P. Yim: @DanBrickley ... your problem (with vnc) may be in your corporate firewall and not the viewer, though     (1J2AAAAAD)

[10:49] Dan Brickley: I'm on home ISP. Can discuss later :)     (1J2AAAAAE)

[10:48] Dan Brickley: thanks PeterYim. For today I'll present slides without seeing what you see.     (1J2AAAAAF)

[10:49] Peter P. Yim: that's perfectly fine ... vnc shared-screen is strictly optional (helps make sure     (1J2AAAAAG)

you prompt slide advances, though)     (1J2AAAAAH)

[10:41] FabianNeuhaus-1 morphed into Fabian Neuhaus     (1J2AAAAAI)

[10:42] anonymous1 morphed into Siew Lam     (1J2AAAAAJ)

[10:42] Tim Finin: Here's a question I think we must address: Many big data applications require or     (1J2AAAAAK)

invite statistical and probabilistic models and reasoning. How can/will be address this?     (1J2AAAAAL)

[10:50] Amanda Vizedom: @Tim, I agree; many are pursuing statistical *or* ontological reasoning     (1J2AAAAAM)

approaches, but few are pursuing the hybrid approaches that seem to have so much potential. The     (1J2AAAAAN)

PR-OWL group at GMU have been developing Bayesian + Ontological approaches for years, but I don't     (1J2AAAAAO)

know to what extent they have worked with Big Data problems.     (1J2AAAAAP)

[10:54] Peter P. Yim: @TimFinin ... I trust Ken Baclawski, (one of) our Track D co-champion(s), should     (1J2AAAAAQ)

have a lot (knowledge and connections) to bring to the table in those aspects     (1J2AAAAAR)

[11:28] Ken Baclawski: @TimFinin: Regarding your earlier questions, these issues would fit in Track D.     (1J2AAAAAS)

I have examined these issues in the past, and it would be good to try dealing with them in the context of Big Data.     (1J2AAAAAT)

[10:48] Tim Finin: Another problem that axioms can introduce is producing inconsistencies ...     (1J2AAAAAU)

[10:49] Dan Brickley: (re global constraints, - yes that's why property/type associations     (1J2AAAAAV)

don't use rdfs:domain + rdfs:range)     (1J2AAAAAW)

[10:49] QuentinReul: and use of axioms makes the separation of concerns (modelling vs.     (1J2AAAAAX)

implmentation) and re-use difficult     (1J2AAAAAY)

[10:50] Mike Bennett: @Quentin good point, perhaps we can draw this point out in the Track A     (1J2AAAAAZ)

conversations?     (1J2AAAAAAA)

[10:52] QuentinReul: @Mike I think that it is an inevitable topic for improving re-use     (1J2AAAAAAB)

[10:53] QuentinReul: DL is one potential issue, but deep biding to philosophical entities (e.g. DOLCE) is another one     (1J2AAAAAAC)

[10:55] Mike Bennett: @Quentin quite so. What is most appropriate for an ontology for a given     (1J2AAAAAAD)

application may work for or against its re-use by someone in another application. Likewise the     (1J2AAAAAAE)

philosophical commitments need to be consistent, or frameable within some broader, consistent set of     (1J2AAAAAAF)

partitions / theories.     (1J2AAAAAAG)

[10:55] Anatoly Levenchuk: @Tim, Amanda: it can be good to know about "hybrid" methods. E.g. usual     (1J2AAAAAAH)

statistical data is in arrays/tables. How we can help with triples and ontologies?! Or we have deep     (1J2AAAAAAI)

learning that not look like too far from ontology (features) discovery but not look too close the same time.     (1J2AAAAAAJ)

[10:57] QuentinReul: @Mike Have you heard about "Just Enough" Ontology Engineering (     (1J2AAAAAAK)

guidelines on tools / mechanisms to dissiminate the model and thus increase re-use     (1J2AAAAAAM)

[10:59] Mike Bennett: @Quentin I have not. We should look into this as part of our deliberations.     (1J2AAAAAAN)

[10:59] Mike Bennett: Apologies, have to drop off now.     (1J2AAAAAAO)

[11:00] QuentinReul: I also have to drop off     (1J2AAAAAAP)

[11:01] Ed Bernot: Sorry, I too have to drop off. Great session, thanks!     (1J2AAAAAAQ)

[11:00] anonymous morphed into Sub     (1J2AAAAAAR)

[11:05] Dan Brickley: [referring to Dan's own Track E presentation] shortest talk yet?     (1J2AAAAAAS)

[11:05] Dan Brickley: I was tempted to give a Google perspective, but will do that later, with     (1J2AAAAAAT)

datasets / APIs and other materials.     (1J2AAAAAAU)

[11:05] Amanda Vizedom: @Dan, you must have lightening talk experience. :-)     (1J2AAAAAAV)

[11:08] Dan Brickley: We used to do a lot of lightning talk sessions at W3C in the RDF Interest Group, yes :)     (1J2AAAAAAW)

[11:10] Amanda Vizedom: [amused by my own typo. perhaps "lightening" is some mix of "lightning" and "enlightening." ;-)]     (1J2AAAAAAX)

[11:07] Marcia Zeng: @DanBrickley: What will be's role in relation to this Summit's theme?     (1J2AAAAAAY)

[11:10] Dan Brickley: Re, I'll put together some materials. It is a little difficult for     (1J2AAAAAAZ)

teams who don't have a complete Web crawl since the data is scattered over 5+ million sites, but     (1J2AAAAAAAA)

there are some possibilities. It might be particularly interesting for the 'variety' problem.     (1J2AAAAAAAB)

[11:11] Dan Brickley: Do you think this could be useful? here is a Google custom search -     (1J2AAAAAAAC)

[11:11] Marcia Zeng: @Dan, thanks for the answer.     (1J2AAAAAAAF)

[11:11] Dan Brickley: (Easy to make such engines for any type)     (1J2AAAAAAAG)

[11:13] Marcia Zeng: @Dan, I think it is useful. A way to 'filter in' first.     (1J2AAAAAAAH)

[11:15] Marcia Zeng: @Dan, we found Google Image kind of search very useful for cultural heritage     (1J2AAAAAAAI)

related sources. That is a kind of typed search.     (1J2AAAAAAAJ)

[11:14] Michael Grüninger: @QuentinReul: I didn't quite get your point -- are you saying that axioms     (1J2AAAAAAAK)

make reuse difficult?!     (1J2AAAAAAAL)

[11:14] Eric Stephan: Thank you! Sorry I have to drop off early.     (1J2AAAAAAAM)

[11:16] Leo Obrst: @All: we are looking for additional co-champions for some of the tracks, including     (1J2AAAAAAAN)

Track D: Tackling the Variety Problem in Big Data, Team R: Public Relations, and Team M: Program     (1J2AAAAAAAO)

Management (includes operations, logistics, production). So please consider these if you'd like to     (1J2AAAAAAAP)

have greater input into this Ontology Summit.     (1J2AAAAAAAQ)

[11:20] Marcia Zeng: Have to drop off now. Thanks a lot!     (1J2AAAAAAAS)

[11:25] Tim Finin: I think an Ontology Summit Facebook group or page would be a good way to get     (1J2AAAAAAAT)

announcements and reminders to the participants and wider community     (1J2AAAAAAAU)

[11:28] Simon Spero: @PeterYim: I can help on getting the semantic wiki instance going     (1J2AAAAAAAV)

[--:--] Peter P. Yim: (responded later on email) great, Simon! come to our organizing committee meeting     (1J2AAAAAAAW)

tomorrow, so we can talk more about it     (1J2AAAAAAAX)

[11:28] Amanda Vizedom: Tweeting has begun using #ontologysummit2014     (1J2AAAAAAAY)

[11:29] Ram D. Sriram: I need to leave right now. Tim Finin will be giving the Symposium Co-chair     (1J2AAAAAAAZ)

[11:30] Amanda Vizedom: I have also started using the #ontologysummit2014 hashtag on Google+, though     (1J2AAAAAAAAB)

I may be the only one so far.     (1J2AAAAAAAAC)

[11:31] Christine Kapp: Thank you Peter I have emailed you a question about Program Management and     (1J2AAAAAAAAD)

administrivia - I need to drop now thank you very much     (1J2AAAAAAAAE)

[--:--] Peter P. Yim: (responded later on email) great, Christi! come to our organizing committee     (1J2AAAAAAAAF)

meeting tomorrow, so we can talk more about it     (1J2AAAAAAAAG)

[11:33] Tim Finin: The #ontologysummit2014 tag uses up 1/2 a tweet! How about something shorter, e.g. #ontosum     (1J2AAAAAAAAH)

[11:35] Amanda Vizedom: @Tim, indeed, I have been saying so for a couple of years, to no consensus.     (1J2AAAAAAAAI)

Perhaps we can make that suggestion and try to get sufficient agreement via the mailing list.     (1J2AAAAAAAAJ)

[11:39] Frank Loebe: @Amanda: You may consider a vote on the hashtag within this chatroom, for     (1J2AAAAAAAAK)

immediate feedback from the current audience. But perhaps this does not include everyone intended.     (1J2AAAAAAAAL)

[11:40] Amanda Vizedom: @Frank, not a bad idea. I'd say that would be in the domain of the PR team. Peter?     (1J2AAAAAAAAM)

[11:39] Les Morgan: Does the project have a Google+ presence? Many tech folk would follow it there.     (1J2AAAAAAAAN)

[11:40] Les Morgan: I already circulated an item about the Summit there and got a few nibbles.     (1J2AAAAAAAAO)

[11:40] Peter P. Yim: ALL: if you are not subscribed to the [ontology-summit] mailing list yet, please     (1J2AAAAAAAAP)

do so - ( or drop me a line - peter.yim [at] )     (1J2AAAAAAAAQ)

[11:40] Pavithra Kenjige: I can volunteer for Big Data     (1J2AAAAAAAAR)

[11:40] Pavithra Kenjige: and for Program management too     (1J2AAAAAAAAS)

[--:--] Peter P. Yim: (response added later) great, Pavithra! come to our organizing committee meeting     (1J2AAAAAAAAT)

tomorrow, so we can talk more about it     (1J2AAAAAAAAU)

[11:41] Peter P. Yim: Please mark you calendars and reserve this time, every Thursday, for the     (1J2AAAAAAAAV)

Ontology Summit 2014 virtual panel session series. Session-02 will be up next Thursday- Thu 2014.01.23     (1J2AAAAAAAAW)

(same time) - see developing details at:     (1J2AAAAAAAAX)

[11:41] Peter P. Yim: Reminder to those in the organizing committee, and those interested to join, our     (1J2AAAAAAAAZ)

4th meeting is coming up tomorrow - Fri 2014.01.17 - see details at:     (1J2AAAAAAAAAA)

[11:41] Matthew Lange: @Leo and @Peter I am interested in helping w PR     (1J2AAAAAAAAAC)

[11:42] Peter P. Yim: @MatthewLange ... great! ... come to our organizing committee meeting tomorrow,     (1J2AAAAAAAAAD)

and we cam talk more about it - details at:     (1J2AAAAAAAAAE)

[11:47] Matthew Lange: @PeterYim OK--expect me to be late though, that is school drop-off time out     (1J2AAAAAAAAAG)

here on the left coast     (1J2AAAAAAAAAH)

[11:52] Peter P. Yim: @MatthewLange - not a problem, log into the chat-room, and grab our attention,     (1J2AAAAAAAAAI)

once you are able to join the call     (1J2AAAAAAAAAJ)

[11:41] Leo Obrst: Thanks, all!     (1J2AAAAAAAAAL)

[11:42] Francesca Quattri: Thank you All, great presentations!     (1J2AAAAAAAAAM)

[11:41] Peter P. Yim: -- session ended: 11:41am PST --     (1J2AAAAAAAAAN)

-- end of in-session chat-transcript --     (1J2AAAAAAAAAO)

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    • we will usually save all questions and discussions till after all presentations are through. You are encouraged to jot down questions onto the chat-area in the mean time (that way, they get documented; and you might even get some answers in the interim, through the chat.)     (1L4G3)
    • During the Q&A / discussion segment (when everyone is muted), If you want to speak or have questions or remarks to make, please raise your hand (virtually) by clicking on the "hand button" (lower right) on the chat session page. You may speak when acknowledged by the session moderator (again, press "*7" on your phone to un-mute). Test your voice and introduce yourself first before proceeding with your remarks, please. (Please remember to click on the "hand button" again (to lower your hand) and press "*6" on your phone to mute yourself after you are done speaking.)     (1L4G4)
  • RSVP to with your affiliation appreciated, ... or simply just by adding yourself to the "Expected Attendees" list below (if you are a member of the community already.)     (1L4I)
  • Please note that this session may be recorded, and if so, the audio archive is expected to be made available as open content, along with the proceedings of the call to our community membership and the public at-large under our prevailing open IPR policy.     (1L4K)

Attendees     (1M)

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