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[ontolog] Member Conference Call - Thu 2006-01-26     (1)

  • Subject: [ontolog] member conference call Thu 2006-01-26     (1A1)

Attendees     (1B)

Agenda Ideas     (1C)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1E)

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda     (1E1)

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes     (1E3)

3) Roll-call of participants     (1E5)

4) Upcoming meeting & event schedule (near future)     (1E7)

  • Scheduled Ontolog Events (point person)     (1E9)
    • Thu Feb. 2, 2006 - NicolaGuarino - "Making basic ontological choices: the DOLCE experience" - confirmed (LeoObrst)     (1E9A)
    • Thu Mar. 2, 2006 - AsumanDogac - "Exploiting ebXML Registry Semantics in the eHealth Domain" - confirmed (MonicaMartin)     (1E9B)
    • Thu Mar. 15, 2006 - UpperOntologySummit - Moderator: Steve Ray - organizing committee formed and working on it (PeterYim)     (1E9C)
  • Scheduled Discussions for the next 2 months - candidates: - discussion postponed     (1E11)
    • Rex: possibility of working with Duane on a follow-up to the last SOA discussion     (1E11A)
    • Rex suggsted we should also invite UDDI and XMDR people, and possibly to have all three parties (regrep, uddi & xmdr) on a panel     (1E11B)
    • Adam: need OWL & SWRL for OWL ontologies to really be useful     (1E11C)
    • NicolasRouquette -- other topics lined up?     (1E11D)
    • Other candidates:     (1E11E)
      • Rex: propose "Emergency Response"     (1E11E1)
      • Kurt: we should revisit "CCTS ontology" for Nov. (even Sep.) - we'll talk to Duane again if he shows up next week; if he doesn't Kurt, will ping Duane.     (1E11E2)
      • Anders: we should have a "Tools / Testing" discussion     (1E11E3)
      • Kurt: "on metamodels, independent of the representation" (at a level that allows us to avoid the language war)     (1E11E4)
      • PeterYim: "moving from data standards to data-model- and semantic-model-driven eBusiness standards"     (1E11E5)
        • candidate panelists: BruceBarqmeyer, MarkCrawford, ElisaKendall, AdamPease, MikeDaconta, JimHendler, Steve Ray (moderator?)     (1E11E5A)
        • maybe a joint SICoP-Ontolog event, as part of another Collaborative Expedition Workshop?     (1E11E5B)
      • more session for the "Ontolgy Applications and Implementations" series     (1E11E6)
      • (new! 2006.01.26) - tagging multimedia and other Ontolog content for podcast & semantic search     (1E11E7)

5) Communications, logistics, & work protocols issues     (1E13)

6) Follow-ups from previous calls     (1E15)

  • Review of the 2005.01.12 & 01.19 Leo Obrst "What is an Ontology?" sessions - discussion postponed     (1E17)
    • what was good     (1E17A)
    • what needs improvement     (1E17B)
      • BobSmith: Suggestion about the 30 minute Introductions Phase of Presentations with LARGE attendees: Eliminate it... (Yes, I know it is sometimes helpful, but we should be able to get this info in better ways....)     (1E17B1)
    • how would we do it differently next time     (1E17C)
    • other input     (1E17D)
  • Engaging UN/CEFACT:     (1E18)
    • Anders: ready to find a way forward     (1E18A)
    • Kurt: the status - our input to UN/CEFACT, and interaction with Duane & Mary Kay     (1E18B)
    • Anders: Modelers Reference Initiative (MRI) - a community (just started) now going with a bi-weekly (generally alternating Wednesdays) conference call     (1E18C)
    • Kurt: let's track when a new version (where some of our comments were folded in) comes out that we should further comment on     (1E18D)
    • Peter / Anders: let's try to have a phone-bridged joint sub-session betwwen the March UpperOntologySummit and the UN/CEFACT meeting (they both happen on the same week.) - [Anders and Peter to work out the details off-line]     (1E18E)
      • best possibility is late mroning EST / early morning PST Wed 3/15/06 maybe 1 hour to share between UN/CEFACT and the UO folks     (1E18E1)
        • (updated/--ppy) on further discussion, phone conferencing does not seem to be the most appropriate medium after all; we'll focus on doing the following (as suggested by Anders)     (1E18E1A)
    • Anders: look forward to possibility of someone from Ontolog presenting at the March 2006 UN/CEFACT meeting in Vancouver     (1E18F)
      • candiate speaker from Ontolog: Kurt, Bob or Duane to be our ambassador     (1E18F1)
        • (update/--Kurt) Kurt will not be available to travel that week, he'll try to ping Bob or Duane to see if they can do it.     (1E18F1A)
  • Presenting at the OASIS Symposium 2006 (9-12 May 2006, San Francisco, CA) - Proposal submission deadline: 20 December 2005 - discussion postponed     (1E19)
    • Duane and Rex are submitting, requesting that they cover our (Ontolog) work as a sidebar     (1E19A)
    • anyone from here going to present?     (1E19B)
  • Bob and Nicolas will work on the ontological lessons learned in our exercise on RegularConferenceCall scheduling -- (Bob / Nicolas - please bring closure to this item) - discussion postponed     (1E20)

7) Current Project Status Report - discussion postponed     (1E21)

8) project work session / discussion - Beginning of Year Planning for Ontolog -- to be postponed to the next membership conference call     (1E30)

9) New project proposals - no discussion     (1E34)

10) Sponsorship and funding - no discussion     (1E35)

11) Other business - no discussion     (1E36)

12) Next meeting date and adjourn     (1E37)

  • next call will be on Thu 2006-02-22 starting at 10:30 am PST - NicolaGuarino will be speaking on "Making basic ontological choices: the DOLCE experience." - see: ConferenceCall_2006_02_02 ... see you there. RSVP!     (1E38)
  • the 4th Semantic Technology for eGoverment conference will be in session the following Thursday - shall we skip our regular call that week?     (1E39)
  • this call adjourned 11:51 am PST     (1E40)

minutes captured in real time on this wiki by Peter P. Yim / 2006.01.26-11:54 am PST     (1E42)

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