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Community Profile for NIST/MSID     (2)

By / Date: Steve Ray / 2005.11.9     (2A)

Last Updated:     (2B)

  • Community (name): National Institute of Standards & Technology (NIST) / Manufacturing Systems Integration Division (MSID)     (2C)
  • Date Established: 1981     (2D)
  • Key Stakeholders: U.S. Manufacturers, U.S. Healthcare sector, U.S. Congress     (2E)
  • Constituency: Employees at NIST, plus many collaborators from industry, consortia, standards bodies and universities throughout the world     (2F)
  • Domain: Measurements & Standards supporting interoperability in the manufacturing sector, plus other sectors where there is easy transfer of expertise and results     (2G)
  • Mission / Charter: To promote economic growth by working with industry to develop and apply interoperability measurements and standards for software used in all aspects of manufacturing.     (2H)
  • With respect to Ontology work (esp. eGov-related work), the community's:     (2I)
    • Medium Term Goal: advance the science and art of ontological engineering and semantic technologies; moving them into the mainstream through adoption by standards bodies     (2I1)
    • Short Term Goal: provide measurement (testing) tools for standards validation, conformance testing, and interoperability testing.     (2I2)
    • Deliverables within the next 6 months: A continuing series of testing tools - see     (2I3)
  • Key Differentiation (with the other communities presenting today): As a government agency, we provide a measurement and standards infrastructure that brings benefit to a wide set of industry sectors     (2J)
  • What we can bring to the table to foster collaboration with other communities here today: All of our work resides in the public domain. We are here to help the economy grow through increased productivity and efficiencies by means of a technology standards infrastructure that supports interoperability     (2K)
  • Additional Remarks:     (2L)
  • Contact:     (2M)

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