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[ontolog] Member Conference Call - Thu 2005-09-15

Conference Call Details

  • Subject: [ontolog] member conference call Thu 2005-09-15
  • Agenda Comments:
    • ... build rapport; ... sync up; ... distribute, assign or arbitrate virtual ownership of tasks; ... and use it to deal with emergencies. ... plus, member suggested agenda items.
    • please post any suggested agenda items to the call wiki page and upload any material to be shared to the list, to the wiki or by [[ToolsCollaboration|WebDAV] upload] prior to the meeting
    • VNC session (if needed) will be started 5 minutes before the call at:
      • view-only password: "ontolog"
      • view-and-control pw: to be supplied during session as needed
    • Wiki page for this call (i.e. this page) is at:
  • Date: Thursday, Sep. 15, 2005
  • Start Time: 10:30 AM PDT / 1:30 PM EDT World Clock
  • Expected Call Duration: 1 ~ 1.5 hour
  • Dial-in Number: 1-702-851-3330 (Las Vegas, Nevada)
  • Participant Access Code: "686564#"


  • Expecting:
    • Kurt Conrad
    • EMichaelMaximilien
    • ...(add your name here)...

Agenda Ideas

Agenda & Proceedings

1) Welcome & confirmation of agenda

2) Appointment of secretary to take minutes

  • Kurt Conrad volunteered

3) Regular agenda suspended with only two participants

  • EMichaelMaximilien trying to recruit some OWL-S experts for 2005.10.20 discussion.

Meeting ajourned at 10:51 PST.

!!!! Remainder of Suspended Agenda

3) Roll-call of participants

4) Upcoming meeting & event schedule (near future)

  • Nominal meeting types (on a monthly basis):
    • member regular meeting
    • invited speaker session
    • scheduled discussion
    • project review
    • workshop / work session
    • planning
  • Scheduled Discussions for the next 2 months - candidates:
    • Adam: need OWL & SWRL for OWL ontologies to really be useful
    • Nicolas Rouquette -- other topics lined up?
    • a panel with speaker representating: SUMO, OpenCyc Upper Ontology, DOLCE, ... (suggested by PeterYim)
      • possibly teaming up with SICoP and their CUO-WG; after independent sessions on Cyc and DOLCE
    • Rex: possibility of working with Duane on a follow-up to the last SOA discussion
    • Rex suggsted we should also invite UDDI and XMDR people, and possibly to have all three parties (regrep, uddi & xmdr) on a panel
    • we will not schedule a technical discussion in Sep. 2005
    • candidates for November, 2005
      • Rex: propose "Emergency Response"
      • Kurt: we should revisit "CCTS ontology" for Nov. (even Sep.) - we'll talk to Duane again if he shows up next week; if he doesn't Kurt, will ping Duane.
      • Anders: we should have a "Tools / Testing" discussion
      • Kurt: "on metamodels, independent of the representation" (at a level that allows us to avoid the language war)
        • Bob: as a segway into things like pi-calculus, tec.
      • Peter P. Yim: "moving from data standards to data-model- and semantic-model-driven eBusiness standards"
      • Duane Nickull: "Ontological and Semantic Implementation Panel" - some time in the future - Duane will start a page in preparation on it
    • 2005.09.01: EMichaelMaximilien: suggest we use some sort of IM tool (or other real time signaling) so that the moderator could know who has a question.
  • Upcoming Events of interest
    • Sep. 14, 2005 - 2nd DRM Public Forum (Washington DC) (Mark & Peter will be presenting their SMI/CIM3 Public Collaborative Ontology Development Server)
      • Peter to post link to the session
    • Sep. 12~16, 2005 - UN/CEFACT Forum - (Lyon, France) (Anders, Bill, Duane)
    • OASIS ebXML registry-repository webinar - Sep. 15, 2005 - see:
    • Sep. 23, 12005 - Collaborative Expedition Workshop #44 (at NSF) - featuring the Jon Bosak joint-program with Ontolog; RexBrook et al. also presenting.
    • Sep. 30, 2005 - Esther Dyson's "Personal Health Conference" in New York City
    • National Center for Ontological Research (NCOR) Opening - Oct. 27, 2005 (Buffalo, NY) - ref:
      • wants to know if call-in is supported
  • Ed Dodds / Bob Smith: Semantic Technology Conference in San Jose has a C4P due September 12 for March 2006
    • Peter P. Yim: since this is more a "commercial" activity -- educating the public nonetheless, which Ontolog definitely supports -- encouraging Ontolog members to participate "on their own" (and using Ontolog material where they feel appropriate) would probably be more appropriate than billing this as an "Ontolog activity".

5) Communications, logistics, & work protocols issues

6) Follow-ups from previous calls

  • post-mortem on the ConferenceCall_2005_09_08 ElisaKendall's invited speaker session
    • what worked well
    • what could be improved
    • ideas for the future
  • possible meeting/call to follow-up with UDEF folks to review Ontolog's comments (suggested by MikeDaconta) [attn: DuaneNickull]
    • Duane: I brought the Ontolog comments back to UDEF ... it was well received ... help them focus their value proposition
    • Duane will try to organize a conference with the parties cconcerned
      • Kurt: also help us hone our ability to effectively engage the standards group
    • Peter to e-mail the Ontolog comments to Pat Cassidy or anyone else who would be interested
  • Bob and Nicolas will work on the ontological lessons learned in our exercise on RegularConferenceCall scheduling

7) Current Project Status Report

  • Status of Protege-KIF project work
  • status of NHIN-RFI & Health-Ont project work
    • representation and paper submission to FCW Government Health IT Conference - Nov. 17~18, 2005, Washington, D.C.
  • UBL liaison report
  • SICoP liaison report
  • Planning team report

8) project work session / discussion

9) New project proposals

10) Sponsorship and funding

11) Other business

12) Next meeting date and adjourn

  • regular call adjourned 10:51 am PDT
  • next call will be on Fri 2005-09-23 starting at 10:30 am PDT
    • that will be the Ontolog-CEW Joint Invited Speaker session featuring Jon Bosak on: "Governance in the Development of an OASIS Standard for Business Documents."
    • See: ConferenceCall_2005_09_23
    • Once again, this is going to be on a Friday (and not on our regular Thursday time slot.) There will be NO CALL on next thursday.


minutes captured in real time on this wiki by Kurt Conrad / 2005.09.15-10:52 am PDT