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Ontolog Community Blogging     (1)

The Ontolog Community supports blogging. The Ontolog Community blog is similar to other blog sites but has some additional features:     (1A)

  • Blogs are the same as regular wiki pages but with the additional blogging features. So the same format conventions apply. In practice, this means that one can write an article as if it was a posting on a mailing list. It is not necessary to use any of the wiki formatting features.     (1B)
  • A blog post can be collaboratively developed by multiple authors.     (1C)
  • Semantic tagging is supported. For example, the text [[Category:OntologySummit2017]] tags your article with the OntologySummit2017 tag.     (1D)

Participation     (2)

  • All blogs are publicly readable by anyone.     (2A)
  • You must log in to create a new blog, post to an existing blog or comment on a blog post. If you are unable to log in or to change your password, please send an email to     (2B)

Comments     (2C)

To post a comment on an article, go to the bottom of the article page, write your comment in the space provided and click Submit.     (2C1)

New Articles     (2D)

To post an article to an existing blog, open the blog page, and click on the Post new article tab shown on the right-hand side of the page. The wiki will attempt to summarize your article, but it is better to supply your own summary. To do this, write the summary first, then write -- more --, and then write the rest of your article.     (2D1)

New Blogs     (2E)

To create a new blog, choose a name for the blog and enter it here:

If there is no blog by the name you entered, then you will be sent to a page where you can specify the purpose of your new blog as well as add additional text to describe the blog. If a blog by that name already exists, then you will be sent to a form where you can edit the existing blog purpose and description.     (2E4)

Subscriptions     (2F)

If you wish to be notified by email whenever a blog has been updated, click on Watch. To unsubscribe, click on Unwatch.     (2F1)

Experimenting     (2G)

The Test Blog is available for trying out the blogging feature. Try adding some articles and comments.     (2G1)

Ontology Summit 2018 Blogs     (3)

Track BlogChampions
Domain Specific NeedsDavid Whitten and Ravi Sharma
Upper OntologiesMike Bennett and David Whitten
Open Knowledge NetworkRam D. Sriram and Gary Berg-Cross
Integration and InteroperabilityCory Casanave assisted by Ravi Sharma
Systems EngineeringJanet Singer and Jack Ring
Representation of ContextCory Casanave