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John Sowa     (1)

John F. Sowa spent thirty years working on research and development projects at IBM and is a co-founder of VivoMind Intelligence, Inc. He has a BS in mathematics from MIT, an MA in applied mathematics from Harvard, and a PhD in computer science from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. He is a fellow of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, and he has taught courses at the IBM Systems Research Institute, universities (Binghamton, Polytechnic, and Stanford), and summer institutes (Linguistic Society of America and UQAM Cognitive Science). With his colleagues at VivoMind, he has been working on novel methods for combining logic-based symbolic processing of conceptual graphs with continuous numeric computations of knowledge signatures. This combination has made major improvements in the efficiency of algorithms for communication, reasoning, and natural language processing.     (1A)

See also:     (1C)

  • Dr. Sowa's invited talk on "Analogical Reasoning: With and About Databases and Knowledge Bases" as a part of the Ontolog "Database and Ontology" mini-series, at: ConferenceCall_2007_07_12     (1D)
  • Dr. Sowa's talk on "Sharing and Integrating Ontologies" which initialized our SIO Project - ConferenceCall_2010_03_16     (1E)

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