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IAOA Ordinary Assembly - April 2018     (1)

As stipulated in the Association Statute and by other legal requirements, an ordinary assembly of the IAOA membership is being called, in April 2018, to examine and approve the 2017 Financial Statement. Details will be developed and presented on this page.     (1A)

Events and Time-table     (1B)

Terms of Reference     (1C)

Please refer to the IAOA Statute (especially Clause 18 regarding "Assembly" of the Association)     (1C1)

"At the first call the Assembly is validly constituted by the presence of half plus one of the Members; if such required quorum is not met, then at a second subsequent call, the Assembly is validly constituted with any number of Members present. Every Member has the right to vote and may vote directly or via proxy assigned to another Member by following the procedure in the Association’s Bylaws. No more than two proxies per member may be accepted. The Assembly approves motions with the favourable vote of a simple majority of the members in attendance with the exception of the cases explicitly established in this Statute and in the Association's Bylaws."     (1C2)

    • we will need the participation of 50%+1 members in this Assembly to have quorum     (1C3A)
    • the act of casting a ballot (with "Yes", "No" or "Abstain") will constitute a member's participation in the Assembly. Therefore, the total number of votes will be used to qualify whether we have a quorum.     (1C3B)
    • should a second call become necessary, votes cast during the first call are transferred to the second one, i.e., voting does not need to be repeated     (1C3C)
  • if you would like to vote by proxy, please state so via email to both (a) the member holding your proxy, and (b) <secretary[at]>     (1C4)
  • approval     (1C5)
    • approval of the motion here is constituted by a favorable vote of a simple majority of the members in attendance     (1C5A)
    • note that only voting "Yes" can contribute to achieving that simple majority of favorable votes that constitutes approval of a ballot, while "Abstain" and "No" do not.     (1C5B)

Process     (1D)

Quick Summary     (1D1)

Go to Member's Area > "Utilities" > "Vote on 2017 Financial Statement", then cast your vote - many thanks!     (1D1A)

Process Details and Remarks     (1D2)

  1. Go to the IAOA website, Member's Area and log in with your IAOA account details. If you do not remember your username or password, use the page for resetting your password. If even that should fail, please contact <secretary[at]>.     (1D2A)
  2. Click on the tab "Utilities" (the left-most menu item in the top link bar).     (1D2B)
  3. Then click on the item "Vote on 2017 Financial Statement", found at the bottom of the utilities, highlighted.     (1D2C)
  4. Cast your votes for the 2017 Financial Statement, with these voting options:     (1D2D)

Results of the Ballot     (1E)

There were 90 members as of 2018-04-19, when the quorum was fixed. The quorum of 46 participating members required for a valid first call was not met by 13 actual participants. In the second and third calls, no quorum had to be met and a total of 20 actual participants correspond to a participation rate of 22.2%.     (1E3)

The vote is valid and the 2017 Financial Statement is approved by a majority of 95% by the participants.     (1E4)