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OKMDS: Organizing Committee Conference Call - Tuesday 01-Apr-2008     (1)

  • This was to be the 16th conference call of the organizing committee for the joint NASA-Ontolog-KMWG "Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support" initiative. The session is expected to be a 1-Hour conference call. ... meeting was subsequently canceled.     (1A)

Attendees     (1D)

Agenda Ideas     (1E)

  • getting ready for the OKMDS session on Thu 2008.04.17, Thu 2008.05.08 with invited speaker Yochai Benkler - ref. ConferenceCall_2008_04_17 & ConferenceCall_2008_05_08     (1E1)
  • continue planning and status review on the end May conclusion of the OKMDS mini-series     (1E2)
  • Peter: shall we take another look on how we are doing, and what else could to be done to make this an even greater success     (1E3)
... (please post your agenda ideas here; identify yourself for follow-up purposes)     (1E4)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1G)

-- Call Canceled --     (1G1)

1. Meeting called to order:     (1G2)

2. Roll Call:     (1G6)

3. Status of developing issues:     (1G8)

  • Jeanne will prepare a press release for Federal Computer Week and Government Computer News to announce the mini-series.     (1G11)
    • Susan will pass along a contact that might help - done!     (1G11A)
      • Jeanne suggested that this could be used to advance networking across upcoming Knowledge Management and Virtual World conferences in April     (1G11A1)
  • status review of the [OKMDS] session with Yochai Benkler, author of The Wealth of Networks     (1G15)
    • Susan suggested making the invitation to Yochai for May. His focus would be on open networks of people that challenge conventional thinking of firms as the primary place for effective knowledge management and decision-making toward wealth-making.     (1G15A)
    • Date: 8-May-2008 (confirmed ... Thanks, Susan!)     (1G15B)
    • Speaker: Yochai Benkler     (1G15C)
    • title: ??     (1G15D)
    • chair: ??     (1G15E)
  • anything else on the [okmds-convene] online discourse?     (1G17)
  • take another look on how we are doing, and what else could to be done to make this an even greater success     (1G18)

5. New Issues:     (1G19)

6. Any Other Business:     (1G20)

7. Action items:     (1G21)

  • Jeanne preparing press release to share at Spring conferences     (1G22)
  • Peter P. Yim - suggested that organizers share their reflections at the final session in several bullets each     (1G23)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:     (1G24)

notes taken by: ______ / 2008.04.01- _____ am PST     (1G28)

All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.     (1G29)

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