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OKMDS: Organizing Committee Conference Call - Tuesday 13-Nov-2007     (1)

  • This is the 7th conference call of the organizing committee for the joint NASA-Ontolog "Ontology in Knowledge Management and Decision Support" initiative. The session is expected to be a 1-hour conference call.     (1A)

Attendees     (1D)

Agenda Ideas     (1E)

  • postmortem of the 08-Nov-2007 OKMDS Launch Event     (1E1)
  • continue with discussion on suggested program content for the next 2~3 months or even the entire 6 months of the mini-series     (1E2)
  • kick-starting the online discourse on [okmds-convene], which will be archived and cross-posted to [KMgov]     (1E3)
  • define (ultimate) deliverables of this entire mini-series     (1E4)
... (please post your agenda ideas here; identify yourself for follow-up purposes)     (1E6)

Agenda & Proceedings     (1G)

1. Meeting called to order:     (1G1)

2. Roll Call:     (1G5)

3. Issues brought forward:     (1G7)

  • postmortem of the 08-Nov-2007 OKMDS Launch Event. There were about 47 attendees at peak and about 40 on average (roughly the same number as those at the 2007.10.25 Second Life tutorial session.) The speakers did an excellent job of expressing the objectives. KMWG is now a collaborator of the series along with Ontolog and NASA. Glad we were able to incorporate that into all the documentation before the launch event. So OKMDS is a joint NASA-Ontolog-KMWG mini-series now.     (1G8)

4. Status of developing issues:     (1G9)

  • identify "discussion moderators" to champion/focus on particular questions we want to investigate/explore     (1G12)
    • online discourse - topic, moderator, candidate (invited) experts to help lead & contribute to the discussion     (1G12A)
    • Kurt: how about having each member of the organizing committee to come up with 3 question for each of the main themes. Kurt will ping the organizing committee members to get questions.     (1G12B)
    • Susan: use the 8 question in our mission statement as the springboard     (1G12C)
      • we solicit the participants to come up with their questions, and the rights once will float to the top     (1G12C1)
    • Ken Baclawski and Kurt Conrad will lead the online discourse     (1G12D)
      • we could even get the community to help focus the mission -- as a first topic     (1G12D1)
      • Peter: Ken & Kurt, please be prepared to tell people (in 3~5 minutes) how to move forward on this during our launch event     (1G12D2)
      • Ken & Kurt discussed the kick-start messages for the online discussion. Ken will write up some material and Kurt will look it over.     (1G12D3)

5. New Issues:     (1G16)

6. Any Other Business:     (1G17)

7. Action items:     (1G18)

8. Schedule Next Meeting & Adjourn:     (1G19)

notes taken by: Peter P. Yim and Ken Baclawski / 2007.11.13-10:48 PST     (1G23)

All participants, please review and edit to enhance accuracy and granularity of the documented proceedings.     (1G24)

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