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[[FuturICT]]     (1)

The [[FuturICT]] flagship proposal intends to unify hundreds of the best scientists in Europe in a 10 year 1 billion EUR program to explore social life on earth and everything it relates to. The [[FuturICT]] flagship proposal will produce historic breakthroughs and provide powerful new ways to manage challenges that make the modern world so difficult to predict, including the financial crisis. Here is the official ranking and description of all EU flagship pilots, and here you can find out more about [[FuturICT]].     (1B)

  • Nicola Guarino (comment/2010.03.31): [[FuturICT]] scored first in a recent call, aiming at world-wide simulation, data interpretation, crisis management, etc. Great opportunities for ontologies, especially for ontology of large scale socio-technical systems.     (1C)

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